MMP allows unrepresentative communist subversives into NZ parliament

There are communist racists and subversives in parliament who hate white people. This became apparent during yesterday’s debate on the Intelligence and Security Amendment Bill.

The SIS undergoes a review every five years, making the next review due in 2022. Labour wants to amend legislation so the review can be conducted immediately. Many left wing MPs would like to see the service disbanded altogether, and they can’t wait to start the proceedings.

MPs from the Maori party, the Greens and Labour used the debate on this issue to vent their hatred for the free West. Not one of them had stood before the citizens of their electorates and been elected fair and square. Teanau Tuiono of the Green Party, Ibrahim Omer of Labour and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer of the Maori party all entered parliament on the coat tails of the MMP system.

The theme of Ibrahim Omer’s speech was the SIS has been focusing on the wrong “suspects”. He said “the threat doesn’t come from Muslims, white supremacy is the bigger threat”.

Debbie Ngarewa-Packer took much the same approach, but also said the review needed to be brought forward to deal with increases in “white supremacist violence and hate speech in recent months.” One wonders if the aggressive and intimidating shouting of words from a haka into the faces of the white councilors of the Manawatū District Council as Debbie was doing a couple of weeks ago would qualify as hate speech.

Debbie claimed white supremacists had a long history of violence in NZ, including the firebombing of Maraes and attacking Maori in the streets, and “white supremacy and racism are the biggest pandemics we face in this country”. She says she has been personally persecuted the way anyone who “tries to undo the harm of the capitalist state” is always persecuted.

Worst of all though was the Green Party list MP Teanau Tuiono. Another who is very keen to limit freedom of speech under the guise of protecting us from those who would enable white supremacy.

Its galling to see a subversive once apprehended as part of the Urewera terrorist group, too ill mannered to even remove his hat (he’s obviously conscious of his premature baldness) preaching in parliament on how our SIS should conduct itself.

His understanding of the complexities of freedom of expression are as limited as his knowledge of simple good manners. He accuses the SIS of only defending the free speech of “the wealthy, the white wealthy”.

Tuiono also wants to see us end our membership of the Five Eyes intelligence network and make Aotearoa independent of “American imperialism”.

Its incredible that MMP has enabled this complete inversion of reality, where admitted communist subversives from race based selection processes have wormed their way into parliament where they attack our security services and our international allegiances. At the same time as they rail against white supremacy, a nebulous concept that they will never legally define.

These people hate our nation, they’re overflowing with hate for white people, they hate our free speech and other western freedoms, and they hate capitalism. It is absurd we tolerate them in parliament railing against these things, and it is insane that we have allowed our country to sink so far into the Marxist swamp that they do these things with complete impunity.

Watch the video. How does the speaker allow them to express this hatred, underpinned as it is by Marxist strategies of division and based on lies and smears? Don’t be in any doubt of who they mean by “white supremacists”. They mean everyone who isn’t part of their foul attempt at communist subversion of our free country.