Ardern’s deceit exposed- Leaked audio of teachers being instructed on “white privilege”

The Prime Minister has clearly misled the New Zealand voters on the issue of Critical Race Theory being taught in New Zealand schools. Now her untruths on the issue have been so blatant and so incorrect, her deliberate attempts to mislead have become more important than the original matter.

While NZ media were indulging in an orgy of utterly cringeworthy back slapping last night at the Voyager  awards, where the gay fantasist Alison Mau was adjudged Journalist of the Year, and it was all about Maori culture anyway, the sad truth is most of them are dippy low IQ third wave feminists or girly men who don’t have a clue their real job is to hold the govt to account.

Its worse. They have gone in the opposite direction. They are so poorly trained in their craft they think their job is to protect the govt from criticism. Their hostility towards the opposition parties is as plain as their sycophancy to Jacinda Ardern.

There’s an old white male journalist still clinging on by the skin of his fingernails at NewstalkZB. His name is Barry Soper. Barry didn’t get an award last night but he’s actually doing his job, and has uncovered a recording of school teachers being instructed on white privilege.

So the evidence against the PM on this is now overwhelming. She has mislead New Zealand, and in particular the thousands of parents who are very concerned about what today’s so called schools are doing to their children.

Just maybe the pathetic group of politically partisan clowns who have taken over the media’s role could start doing their damn job and call Ms Arden out on her mendacity with the same vigour they go after the opposition parties.

Barry Soper’s recording is of a member of the large network of the usual grifters selling Marxist Critical Theory to the Ministry of Education and making a killing from it. Michelle Johansson has been in business for a few years. She describes herself as a “former high school dropout” but she’s doing OK today with a doctorate in “Creative Practice” and a stage act that is raking them in.

You can see her on Youtube, swaying seductively on stage and dramatically delivering her “10 pieces of advice for young brown people” schtick. She is starring at a New Zealand Principle’s Federation conference at Rotorua in August this year where she will give the opening “keynote” presentation. Amazing event given the Prime Minister’s assertive denials.

Mr Soper’s recording is below, edited to cover Dr Johansson’s white privilege instruction only. When will the NZ media accost Ms Ardern on her misleading statements with the same vigour they accost Ms Judith Collins with false claims of racism?