Critical Race Theory in NZ Schools

Although there is evidence the UNITEC Institute of Technology (Auckland) was training staff in Critical Race Theory as far back as 2014, it was only regularly used in the the central education system after the “Institute for Courageous Conversation” (iCCAR) was launched in 2016. This NZ offshoot of a US based company was at that time contracted to supply CRT training to the Ministry of Education on what appears to be a pretty regular basis.

Matthew Farry

Courageous Conversation South Pacific Institute (NZ) was established by means of a business partnership between Dr. Matthew Farry, a NZ academic and Glenn Singleton, CEO of Pacific Educational Group in the US.

Singleton founded The Pacific Educational Group in the USA in 1992 and according to its website, the company is “committed to achieving racial equity in the United States and beyond”.  Farry is listed in corporate records as the Managing Director of Courageous Conversation South Pacific Institute (NZ).

Farry and Singleton today have their fingers in many pies as their business has expanded over the years. They have established other trading entities with different names but similar objectives and are providing services to the Ministry of Education as well as corporates.

Courageous Conversations had a course organised in Wellington for September this year which has suddenly been canceled (as reported on the BFD), possibly as a result of Judith Collin’s excellent work in drawing public attention to CRT in NZ education. The cost of the courses are estimated at around $1500 (or more) per person, and the MOE had intended to send 300 staff.

Glen Singleton CEO Pacific Educational Group (USA)

Whereas the program for the above particular course is not available, there are similar programs listed on the company’s website. Here’s a sample of what they’re probably teaching NZ teachers.

“Decolonizing Ourselves and our Leadership: Utilizing a Liberation Approach and Intersectionality Framework to Challenge White Supremacy”

Critical Race Theory (CRT) seeks to explore and challenge the prevalence of racial inequality in society and examines the ways In which racial inequality is maintained and normalized.

This workshop will provide a historical overview of how white supremacy and colonialism permeates throughout organizations/places of work and subsequently informs leadership and work environments. 

The whole course covers twelves lectures all described in similar language. The complete and horrifying program is in the attached PDF. Read it and weep for what these people have been doing to our children.

Jacinda Arden’s claims that CRT does not exist in the NZ education system are utter BS and she should be ashamed to promote such distortions of truth.

Courageous Conversations Menu.pdf


  • I saw a comment here a few days ago about what Idaho in the States just passed to ban CRT. Can’t see to find it now.

    On another note, I read this site from time to time when Gab friends share. What isaw in how that woman’s comments were deleted arbitrarily and without Due Process is unsettling in light of the posts here.

    Critical race theory is a full assault on Western culture. We must stay vigilant to snuff it out of schools.


    • My guess is the subject company has been at the core of promoting the massive racial and social divide that exists in New Zealand today. Over the last few years there has been a growing rush of people commenting in the media and parroting exactly the content of these courses as exposed in the attached PDF.

      It is clear the training given to teachers and university lecturers is transmitted downstream to school and university students. IMHO this company is an evil doing massive harm to NZ’s homogeneity and social order. Worse, they’re making a financial killing by doing so.


  • Salacious Crumb

    Great. Could these guys provide some peer reviewed scientific evidence of their bullshit theories on “inherent privilege”? No. Thought not.