Ardern doubles down on “white privilege” denial

Check out the head bobbing and shaking, face touching and the other mannerisms in the video below and then tell me that’s a person speaking truth.

Ardern attempts to dismiss concerns about Critical Race Theory being taught in New Zealand schools as wrong and an issue of little consequence anyway.

She attempts to draw attention back to her Covid19 “success” and her budget. saying these are the issues she is focused on.

Its pretty clear Ardern is excessively nervous on this issue. It is a matter of some importance to thousands of parents who care about how their children are being “educated”, in spite of the PM’s attempts to downplay it.

ACT party leader David Seymour has already demonstrated the PM’s words to be untrue. This is why the media should pursue the PM on an issue of what would seem to be an utter denial of reality. As journalists should know, it often the case that the cover up is worse than the actual crime.

As for “not knowing”, Education Minister Chris Hipkins who spent years being trained in the same subversions as Jacinda at the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) is a zealot on education. His very first act as Minister was to shut down charter schools. He knows what is going on and so does his old IUSY friend Jacinda.

Good to see the media is trying to cover this issue, and kudos to whoever is asking the questions. This is the second time the PM has publicly stated something patently incorrect on this issue. Given it seems like an attempt at blatant and shameless deceit from the highest office in the land, the matter should be pursued with vigour.




  • Thanks for watching so I don’t have to. Her constant lying and mangling of the English language, combined with the head bobbing makes me feel ill just watching or listening.


    • Her transparently fake attempt to make out this out to be a non-issue is proof that it is indeed an important issue. If the media were about doing their job they would pursue this matter further.


  • Salacious Crumb

    Is compulsive lying in the way she does it reflective of low intellect or deceptive malice? I can’t decide.
    Keep up the good work Baity – some great pieces you’re writing.


  • There’s enough reporting from far more reputable sources than her saying there *is* a white- apologist agenda in the school system, so her denials can be nothing but blatant lies