Ardern misleads on “white privilege” in schools

This is such an enormous deceit it could almost qualify as a stinking lie. The Prime Minister (see video below) denies that the term “white privilege” is part of the teaching curriculum in New Zealand.

However its worse than a denial. She attempts to conflate what is basically a New Zealand version of Critical Race Theory with “teaching history”. This is deliberately deceptive.

It is hard to believe that Ardern and her Education Minister Chris Hipkins, good comrades who spent years together in the International Union of Socialist Youth, would not know what is going on in NZ’s schools.

Hipkins tried the same deflection in parliament last week, when he defended this perversion of education by asserting that schools should teach “an understanding of the fact that not everybody in New Zealand starts life with the same opportunities as everyone else“.

Dangerous divisive socialist garbage that should be kept right out of NZ schools. What a disaster for New Zealand that it has this devious little communist subversive in charge of education!

The interviewer Duncan Garner could have pursued the PM on this issue, but he probably chose not to as he did not want to put his job at risk. NZ corporates are all inexplicably snared in this Marxist BS, most of all the media, where no one is permitted a view that might meet the disapproval of Jacinda or the various race hustlers making a career out of pushing it.

The NZ Herald reported last week on ACT party leader David Seymour’s claim that “a student at a Whangārei primary school had to stand up in front of their classroom and say what they had done to acknowledge their white privilege”. The Herald report also says

Seymour says his example comes from the mainstream school system, and he is taking aim at Ministry of Education programmes to further such teaching like Te Hurihanganui, launched in 2019 with a $42 million budget to address racism in the education system and improve outcomes for Māori learners and their whānau.

He said the Ka Hikitia reading list for teachers also contains a key paper which claims that “many whites believe their financial and professional successes are the result of their own efforts, while ignoring the fact of white privilege“.

So “white privilege” is indeed in the curriculum. Here’s another clue. Associate Education Minister (Māori) Kelvin Davis could not say “if white privilege was being taught yet.” Which is code for “Yes, its being taught but I can get away with lying about it on this occasion”.

Dr. Ann Milne (describes herself as Ngati Pakeha) is an “education consultant” with a lot of input into the Ministry. The Dr says the fight to remove racism from the education system is far from over. “We’ve done nothing about that pandemic of whiteness that affects every aspect of our education system. The challenge is to dismantle the house that racism built, and provide education that matches the aspirations of individual whānau.”

So the ideal of “white privilege” is indeed deeply embedded in the education system, but that simple lie is not the worst part of this arrogant deceit by Ardern, Hipkins and the Maori caucus dominated Labour party. The other deception is that Critical Race Theory is designed to mitigate and eventually prevent racism.

The truth is its just Marxism dressed up in new words. “Bourgeoise” and “proletariat” have been replaced by “white supremacists” and “Maori”. The idea is till the same as it was when Marx first wrote his destructive nonsense, and that is to stir revolution and bring communists to power.

Video from Newshub where Ardern denies white privilege is part of the education curriculum.



  • She is evil like all good communists, just one genocide away from utopia


    • Now, please watch the video again. Keeping in mind that the persistent nodding of her head is a “tell” to a profiler. i.e. Jacinda doesn’t believe what she’s saying. Conversely, with the latter shaking (side to side – i.e. no) is where she is knowingly lying. Not very good training from her “watch”.