What’s New Zealand’s future- Venezuela or Zimbabwe?

After electing a Labour govt of radicals and incompetents in 2017, New Zealand has gone through four years of social change that has left the country punch drunk and tottering on its feet. To an objective observer, its hard to tell if its nearest look alike country would be Venezuela or Zimbabwe.

Maori gangs in NZ break the law with impunity

In Venezuela, Chavez captivated the people, and with the help of a compliant media, fooled them into thinking he was looking after them when he was in truth slowly destroying the country, driving it down into a quagmire of poverty crime and division.

Prior to its independence in 1980 Zimbabwe was stable, safe, and the economy was growing at about five per cent a year. Soon after Robert Mugabe came to power and was applauded by the UN and various socialist govts around the word as the perfect example of a post colonial leader.

Death threat to National MP Simeon Brown

His racial hatred of whites drove them from the country. Many were farmers or held other important roles in maintaining the country’s wealth and stability. Tribalism caused massive social disorder. The state security apparatus dominated the country and was responsible for widespread human rights violations.

Zimbabwe collapsed into total economic and social disaster. Mugabe has only recently (2017) been removed from power by means of a coup, but the country remains a basket case with millions facing starvation.

So given we’re pretty much a fair way down the road to outcomes that rival those of Venezuela and Zimbabwe, its drives the question- “which is the most likely shambolic outcome for New Zealand, the Venezuelan socialist shambles or the Zimbabwean tribalist/ racist shambles?

MP Simeon Brown with gunsight drawn on forehead

The accelerated growth of Marxism piggy backing on the issue of racism is a clue that the most likely destination is Zimbabwe. Law and order is in total disarray. Farmers are constantly maligned. Whites are under organised attack and are frequently exhorted to leave the country. The Security Services and Police force are increasingly politically aligned.

Police are busy arresting people for displaying posters that are politically unacceptable. The Security Intelligence Service knocks on people’s doors for making harmless jokes. So called “white supremacists” are arrested and jailed for the slightest breach of law, while Maori motorcycle gangs can take over the roads and even make death threats to politicians with complete impunity from arrest.

The economy is a balloon kept airborne by govt printing presses. The balloon will be bust as soon as inflation takes off, an event not far away if current figures can be believed.

The country today is an insane asylum and the managers are as much due strait jackets as the 52% of the population who voted to re-elect Ardern in 2020. A betting man would probably give low odds on the Venezuelan outcome and evens on the Zimbabwean result. Either way, its a massive lose for all New Zealanders, and Maori Party MP Rawiri Waititi would make a perfect Robert Mugabe.

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  • Based Farm Mum

    ..or, God forbid, NZ goes down the path of South Africa.

    How long before things escalate into fatalities with racially motivated attacks forgiven or overlooked by those in power either because they don’t want to take the heat of being labelled racist, or because their sympathies lie firmly with those committing the crimes; while those trying to defend themselves against such are having the full weight of the law thrown at them and at the same time being tried and found guilty in the court of public opinion?

    Don’t think it could happen in good ‘ole NZ?

    Yeah, that’s what those living in Democrat run cities in the USA thought too….