Teacher training- science and maths out, tribalism and Marxism in

NZ schools are producing kids whose knowledge of science, maths reading and writing is the lowest ever in modern history and you don’t have to look far to find the core reason.

The universities where teachers are trained are today are Marxist indoctrination centers focused on teaching how to wage gradual class warfare and mount passive communist revolution, and its done under the guise of Maori heritage and Treaty of Waitangi instruction. A typical Trojan horse strategy.

Which is the very method communists used to take control of Zimbabwe and South Africa. Attach Marxist principles to pretend race based injustices and Bob is your Uncle. A few decades of this kind of subversion and the countries fell into the hands of the communists like ripe fruit.

New Zealand is rushing headlong down the same road. The teacher training program at Wellington’s Victoria University is called Te Waharoa, and is described thus-

“it frames our vision for transformative initial teacher education in which graduates are agents of change for teaching, learning and wellbeing. Graduates work from a commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and social, cultural and ecological justice, to enable learners to transform their complex, diverse and changing worlds”.

So they slyly attach Marxist concepts like “social cultural and ecological justice” to the Treaty of Waitangi, and that document then merely acts as a central anchor point for pushing communism. Note also how transformation and diversity and change is made out to be the natural order. It means the gradual and subtle conversion of New Zealand into a communist state.

It gets worse as it goes on. This is the dogma that heads up Victoria University’s  introductory page on teacher training guidelines –

To support this vision, initial teacher education programmes:

    • incorporate Māori worldviews, emphasise criticality, and insist on depth of knowledge (mātauranga)
    • are culturally located and place-based (te mana o te whenua)
    • build and sustain te reo and tikanga (te reo me ngā tikanga)
    • foster tangata whenua and tangata Tiriti identities and aspirations, including those of Pacific and migrant communities (tangatarua)
    • promote inclusion, relationality, and collective success (whanaungatanga)
    • enhance the spirit of education (wairua), including creative and embodied learning

A crime really that education has been replaced by indoctrination into mystical tribalist garbage acting as a conduit for thinly disgused Marxist ideals.

History tells us that allowing communists to take control of education is the first step in the ruin of any country.

The teachers training syllabus outlined above shows New Zealand is well on the way to the same ruination as Zimbabwe, and the most amazing thing of all its that this evil is being carried out under a thick cloak of moral virtue. What a basket case country.