New Zealand National Party constitutional changes

After the debacle of the left wing coup that destroyed what ever chance it had of winning the 2020 election, the National Party decided to make changes to the party’s constitution.

They issued a high profile report outlining recommended changes. To anyone not part of the inner circle its mostly just gobbledygook. Or in other words beating around the bush. They haven’t actually addressed the most important issue, which is the infiltration of the party by the left.

National party diehards will scoff at this, but its known that leftists have sought out suitable candidates at NZ’s universities and asked them to join the Nats just to subvert them. There have been more than a few reports of this happening.

Original principles of the National Party from its founding ceremony in 1936

Of course if someone sets out to deliberately deceive, to act as a real Manchurian Candidate, then its not easy to detect them. However, this problem aside, there is still very little attempt to select candidates on an ideological basis.

How are they selected then? Who knows, maybe its a case of being known to the right people at whatever level the decision is made. Or maybe they’re selected on the basis of what the party officials perceive the relevant electorate wants. For example putting a wet wimpy candidate into Auckland Central because they thought such a candidate would win the seat. (well she didn’t).

There is only one correct way to select candidates. That is

  1. they must have political ideals that are coincident with the founding principles of the party, and 
  2.  they must possess some skill in articulating those ideas and convincing the voters of their superior worth.

If candidates have one of the above attributes but not the other, then they should receive training in which ever they lack. Before they’re sent out onto the hustings.

This method, especially given the beautiful simplicity and unquestionable value of Sid Holland’s original principles, avoids the risk of the party sliding to the left and becoming irrelevant. As it has been doing for thirty years or more.

There is one other issue. The Treaty of Waitangi is not NZ’s founding document. This is another big lie told only recently, like the partnership lie. The Treaty was a document that said the Maori tribes who signed it agreed to be governed by the crown. Some Maori tribes did not sign it.

New Zealand was governed by New South Wales at the time the Treaty was signed. So its has little real worth as a founding document. New Zealand split from NSW and was founded as a truly independent colony of England 3 May 1841.

National Party poster from the 1950s

The Office of Governor General and our flag were formalised on this date by means of a document referred to as Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter. If there is indeed any such founding document, it is this charter. It was recognised as such for a long time while the treaty lay gathering dust in some draw in some obscure govt office.

The Nats should address these issues in their newly designed constitution, or they’re just going to go on melding themselves into a less and less meaningful opposition with very little to distinguish them from the communist controlled Labour party.