Tova O’Brien schooled on politics by David Seymour

Political interviews in general are pretty boring, but this one (below) is worth a watch, for it shows a calm unflustered David Seymour, leader of the ACT party, making an absolute meal of Newshub reporter Ms Tova O’Brien.

It should be shown to National MPs as a textbook procedure on how to cope with the bias and ignorance so often on show in the NZ media, where the deck is stacked with wet leftists and conservatives are seen as frequently as rocking horse excrement.

Ms O’Brien criticises Mr Seymour constantly from a far left basis. Not one question could be categorised as right wing sourced. There was such an opportunity, for ACT’s plan to introduce Electronic Income Management could have an impact on civil liberties, but this issue would never enter Ms O’Brien’s vision as her perspective is firmly skewed to the group think left typical of NZ’s filtered media.

Her opening question (on Labour’s benefit increases) which more or less framed the whole interview, was “What have you got against giving people enough money to survive on?”

Tova tries to claim her own polling shows people wanted an increase in welfare, however in a poll on her company’s website a few days ago 79% of respondents gave the budget a thumbs down. (Before it was suddenly closed).

Mr Seymour rightly and accurately calls out Tova’s pejorative language on a number of occasions. He deftly neutralises her attempts to push National party leadership problems. He gets right under her skin by catching her out on her “wish for Jacinda Ardern to have a four year term”.

Most of Ms O’Briens questions are based on far left premises, and the most stark example was the very prejudicial “Do you understand the risk of parties like yours using Maori as a political football?”.

Mr Seymours excellent response is that changing NZ’s constitutional makeup is not a race issue and the danger lies in people like Tova making it into one.

Like most of the NZ media Tova is yet to understand that the two extremely radical separatist and anti-white racist MPs calling themselves the Maori party only represent a very small section of NZers with Maori blood. They do not by any means have the right to speak for all Maori.

One should make the point that Tova is perhaps playing devil’s advocate, but does this mean that every question has to be framed around lame Labour or Maori Party talking points?

All up its a pretty disgraceful display of partisan interviewing by Ms O’Brien, and Mr Seymour gets all the kudos for remaining calm and rational and thereby coming out way on top in a pretty hostile situation. Well done Mr Seymour. Keep up the good work.

Video below. Mr Seymour’s responses have been edited for brevity.