Vote audits- Media panicking at possibility of Trump resuming White House

The Democrats and their media soldiers are panicking as the number of planned audits on the 2020 election increases. In the video below, Trump explains where the audits will occur and outlines his path for taking back the White House.

The first audit in Arizona is about one third of the way through, and delayed while the premises is used for another booked function. Democrats are trying so hard to stop it with numerous court actions and interference from the Biden administration.

Acts which drive the obvious question-

if the elections were all carried out correctly, why not let the audits proceed as the outcome will validate the Democrat/ media claims that there was no vote rigging, and Trump will be embarrassed and his backers will have wasted a lot of time and money?

Apparently there is no answer available to this question, and the Dems are ramping up efforts to halt the audits.

In the real world, not the world of lies and distortions and propaganda of the left, the answer to the question is plain. The Democrats do not want to see the audits proceed because they know they cheated and they will be exposed.

They also know that if by some means Trump manages to replace Biden as President, their plan for the destruction of the Constitutional Republic and the establishment of a globally orientated socialist utopia will be halted, perhaps forever.

So they will be pulling out all stops to prevent the audits in Arizona and others planned in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

This election was the last gasp for the Obama communists. It was now or never, and if their handiwork is exposed and undone, they will perhaps never recover. So watch for a massive media propaganda campaign aimed at stopping the audits, and probable street violence to back up the propaganda campaign.

If the corruption of the election is proven, and Trump does indeed retake the white House, then you will see who the left really are. The violence will become uppermost and intensify to the point where the US Republic is in real danger.

As stated above, this is the left’s last hurrah. Their momentum over the last few decades has brought them to this point, and because Trump’s election caught them by surprise, they’re now backed into a corner with violence their only resort if he is reinstated as the lawful President.

Watch out. Its not going to be pretty. Video shows Trump addressing a small rally at his Mar-a-lago resort and outlining his audit plans.




One comment

  • Truck loads of ballots arriving at polling booths at 2am and every one of them for Biden? Republican observers, abused, spat on and kicked out of polling booths. Video evidence of officials tampering with ballot papers and Dominion machines programmed to change votes at the press of a button. There is no question this election was stolen and everyone knows it.