Even the media’s weak corny cartoonists fail to hold Jacinda to account

Its quite noticeable that although the NZ media occasionally lapses into token criticisms of Jacinda Ardern, they save their really toxic stuff for Judith Collins and the National Party.

Now there’s no problem with being critical of any political party. The more the better. However the dominant members of NZ’s fourth estate seem to have completely forgotten their main role is holding THE GOVERNMENT to account.

The worst part of this is although the word forgotten is used above, its not really accurate. It is more as if they media has made a conscious decision to tread softly with the govt and harshly on its opposition parties, National and ACT. Not just in journalism but in their cartoon depts as well.

Today the NZ Herald and Stuff News both run weak infantile cartoons attacking Judith Collins. Both cartoons seem to be based on the same lame perceptions. Almost as if they coordinated on the messaging.

It is usual to expect the drawings that make up these illustrations to be accompanied by ascerbic and penetrating wit. So a cartoonist not only has to be accomplished in drawing, they must also be witty.

Frankly the cartoonists in the NZ Herald and Stuff News are not only pathetically devoid of wit, they are miserable little people with such a narrow political perspective its only the bought off spineless corrupt woke progressive NZ media that would employ them to produce such one dimensional rubbish.

Humour is a kind of personal thing, so its quite possible this criticism could be quite wrong, and that other people think Rod Emmerson and Tom Scott are screamingly funny. For myself, I find their shallow perspectives unamusing and almost nausea inducing in their lame conformity to wokester and progressive orthodoxy.  They’re just hopeless. Tell me if you think I’m wrong.


  • Nah mate …. you ain’t wrong …. you’ve hit the nail on the head. These Bolshevik useful idiots who’ve sold their souls, have openly displayed their stupidity by painting targets on their own backs ….. they’ll be in for a real surprise when their puppet masters round ‘em up and put ‘em against a wall in front of a firing squad