Judith Collins- Education czars should be sacked for CRT in schools

Its a gutsy call from Ms Collins. Especially with all the wet progressives still hanging out in the National Party. For example Christopher Luxon, the woke corporatist anointed by NZ’s liberal media as Judith’s successor probably doesn’t like it much.

However Ms Collins is damn right, (as we said so here some time ago) and once again should have support for her bravery in talking about something that sets most other Nat party members all a tremble at the mere mention.

US parents are fighting tooth and nail to have CRT stopped in their schools, while most NZ parents, sadly and purposefully uninformed by a dysfunctional and politically corrupt media, are all asleep at the wheel thinking its some benign anti-racist thing.

An article from a few days ago exposes what it really is, age old Marxism wrapped up in updated language.

In the video above, Judith is discussing the issue with Magic Radio’s Peter Williams. Its well worth a listen. Especially if you had previously written Judith off as too wet.

In this talk she comes across as very “Thatcherish”, as she’s never been heard before. Lets hope she keeps it up, and that the far left faction of National don’t undermine her. They’ve never had the nerve to take on Labour like this.