New Zealand media’s constant lying on Critical Race Theory

The vomit inducing NZ mainstream media is up to its usual tricks. Pushing Marxism under the guise of doing good. In this particular case its been doing it for months, if not years.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is causing a firestorm in American schools, where its recognised for what it is. Outraged parents are fighting back against the same forces that exist here, the gradual infiltration and control of education systems by Marxist radicals, and the pushing of Marxist dogma disguised as new age anti-racism instruction.

Today the NZ Herald produces a good example of the media’s obtuseness on the issue where it runs an article largely supporting CRT, and entitled “Tackling racism in Aotearoa: Should white privilege be taught in schools?”. In the whole 1000 word piece, the phrase “Critical Race Theory”, is not used once.

In fact the NZ media are extremely reluctant to refer to CRT and almost always use phrases that camouflage what it really is, and as in today’s article, invariably paint it as a something benign and benevolent and necessary to counter “systemic” racism in our society. In other words, they just do propaganda for their vile comrades in education.

There is a secondary issue here that make the media’s lies about CRT even more reprehensible. Its not only that they do not identify it, it is also that they do not tell their readers what it really is. That CRT is just a modernised version of the age old Marxist class struggle, a new version of Karl’s writings that uses the same old ideas but changes key words to make them seem new.

The word oppression and its concepts are still their, but instead of the bourgeoise oppressing the proletariat, it is white supremacists oppressing dark skinned people. Marx wanted to crush the middle class. Todays educators and their media allies want to crush white Europeans.

The words are different but the objective is the same. The same as it has been throughout the history of Marxism. Divide us. Make us fight among ourselves. Destroy the homogeneity and order of society. Make it ungovernable, and out of the street wars that result will rise the glorious revolution.

So media infiltrated by Marxist activists does its bit to hide the truth about what other Marxist activists are doing in schools. To our children.

In the US parents are awake and holding teachers and school boards accountable. Its a bloody battlefield. In drowsy old NZ, sleep walking down the Venezuelan road, misinformed by a politically corrupted mainstream media no one has a clue what’s really going on. And that’s the way the Marxists like it.

Note: Its a sad indicator too of how wokeness is still a big part of the ACT party, in that they at least have put out a press release critical of the Education system, but they too never once mention CRT.