The big lie of electric cars- even real Greens are rejecting them

Its a big lie that electric cars are good for the environment, and today real Green groups are coming out in opposition. However the momentum is still with the slow moving govt and their collaborators, the crony car sales/ manufacturers who are raking in all the taxpayer money involved.

Govts have for decades now been shoveling money they’ve borrowed on behalf of taxpayers into what they say is clean energy. Its mostly mispent, as even those on the left are pointing out now, with arch leftist Michael Moore writing books and making films attacking the industry as a fraud.

Once govt gets behind the wheel of the economy, and interferes and directs where the bulk of money should be spent, it always eventually ends in disaster, and this clean energy thing is no exception. Electric cars are the most obvious indicator of the collapse that is coming as the true impact of this fad becomes known.

Both Labour and National are besotted by electric cars, so its going to take some time for the disaster to realise itself, and it therefore will be worse than it would be if we just stopped right now. That’s what happens though when look alike politicians take away choices.

“Bright Green Lies dismantles the illusion of ‘green’ technology in comprehensive detail. From solar panels to electric cars, no green fantasy escapes Jensen, Keith, and Wilbert’s revealing peek behind the green curtain.

What’s the big issue with electric cars? In summary they are just not good for the environment, offering no overall CO2 benefit over internal combustion engined cars (ICE). The batteries can’t be manufactured without extensive mining of rare earth minerals which are already developing supply problems, given that like oil and gas, such minerals are a finite resource. (and how the damn hell can politicians then call it “renewable energy???)

Its painfully obvious that the idea behind electric cars (that they benefit the environment) is a complete hoax. We don’t have a govt agile enough to face this problem. They prefer to look the other way and continue full steam ahead.

Our NZ media is even worse. They either know and won’t report the truth, or are dumb just like the government and don’t know it yet.

So we’ll keep up the big lie for some time yet. Especially when car manufacturers are creaming it from the subsidies and profits they’re making from the govt’s abject misuse of money they have taken from your pocket.