Hamas supporting Golriz Ghahraman offside with NZ’s Iranian refugees

NZ Green politician Golriz Ghahraman is extreme left politically and this is what drives her advocacy for Hamas, the Palestinian group responsible for so much terrorism in Gaza, Israel and other parts of the Middle East.

Green Party leader Marama Davidson and Golriz Ghahraman in Hamas regalia

Golriz claims to be a refugee from Iran, when in actuality her views are more aligned with those of the current Iranian regime than many other Iranian refugees in NZ. Why did she run away from a political regime she agrees with?

Other Iranian refugees in NZ are far from happy with Golriz. Iran was once called Persia, and many Iranians are still loyal to the Shah of that period, Reza Pahlavi. They generally have views that oppose the left and the current totalitarian Iranian regime and are fiercely anti-communist.

A number of them have a facebook group and have called out Golriz for her recent statements supporting the regime she claims to have run away from. One such post-

I was disgusted seeing you protesting for people of Palestine Golriz Ghahraman. Where were you when Iranian young people were shot in head and heart by the Islamic regime of Iran two years ago? We sent you messages and asked you to join and support us in our protests to condemn the crimes of the Islamic regime but you did not even bother to reply! As usual you only think of your own political gain and your own benefit! If you do not value your own homeland and your own people how can you value New Zealand and it’s people?

Another poster in the group replied-

She is a victim of her political choice and the employment obligations she has to left wing parties like Green. She possibly forgot because of the radical left, ملی مذهبی ها، movement in Iran led to the victory of Islamic revolution in 1979 that forced her family and herself to flee Iran to become refugees in NZ. She obviously didn’t learn a lesson!

The poster is correct. Golriz hasn’t learnt any lesson about the free west, and spends all her time attacking its armed forces, its bedrock principles and supporting totalitarian regimes and ideologies.

As the second poster points out, that’s the political orientation she must align with as a member of the Green party, whose loyalties lie with global communism rather than the country they reside in.

Golriz is not a patriot of her new homeland, or apparently her old one. Patriotism is a dirty word to the global communists.