Electric cars- Maybe now these idiot politicians will understand

We have to accept that the current ruling elite will be running to their politically favoured legacy news services like CNN and the New York Times for some time yet.

It beggars all belief that these damn fools still rely on such discredited sources, but they do, so maybe now they’ll think twice about an idea that has been obviously unworkable from the get go and that is electric cars.

In the last couple of days, both the NYT and CNN have run lengthy articles highly critical of EVs as an energy saving and CO2 reduction option. A critical shortage of microchips is already causing delays and changes in design, but now the much more serious problem of lithium and cobalt supply is becoming increasingly evident.

Mining for these materials is “one of the dirtiest businesses out there” says the NYT. They report-

“Our new clean-energy demands could be creating greater harm, even though its intention is to do good,” said Aimee Boulanger, executive director for the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, a group that vets mines for companies like BMW and Ford Motor. “We can’t allow that to happen.”

CNN’s headline screams “America’s electric cars need lithium so badly it may wipe out this species”. It goes on-

Electric vehicles can’t happen without lithium — and a lot of it. Lithium is a critical mineral in the batteries that power electric vehicles. The world will need to mine 42 times as much lithium as was mined in 2020 if we will meet the climate goals set by the Paris Agreement, according to the International Energy Agency. Existing mines and projects under construction will meet only half the demand for lithium in 2030, the agency said.

Electric cars demonstrate how infantile most politicians are, and how wooly and lacking in rationale their thinking so often is. Its no surprise that so much mining of lithium and other minerals would need to take place, but these bloody idiots have always been so cravenly committed to the religion of environmentalism they have just refused to do the simple projections that prove a massive change over to electric cars within the stated time limits is practically impossible.

Most NZ political parties are foolishly but fully committed to electric vehicles. Now that their favourite media sources are waking up at last, perhaps they will too. (Just think what the shortage of lithium means for the Climate Commission carbon reduction plan. Its schedule is in ashes right now.)

Note: My suspicions are this sudden change of heart is driven by the “Bright Green” cult, which is a newer environmental movement that recognises wind power/ solar/ alternative energy and electric vehicles are a hoax. The movement sees a reduction in human activity and or population on the planet as the only real way to reduce CO2. You think its bad now, wait until these lunatics become the environmental vanguard.