NZ Security Intelligence Service invade citizen’s home for joke tweet about Helen Clark and Muslims

The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service seem to be right out of control and someone there needs to be sacked. Here’s the story-

Ex Prime Minister Helen Clark who lives close to Eden Park, has publicly opposed concerts at the park on the grounds they would be a “home invasion of noise”.

Twelve thousand Muslims are expected to gather at the park this weekend to celebrate Eid, which signifies the end of the fasting month of Rhamadan.

NZ citizen Jane Morgan posted a tweet (see pic) making a joke about Helen Clark, and the Eid celebration, which was obviously refencing Clark’s aversion to noise from the park.

Spend five minutes reading Jane’s twitter feed and the impression you come away with is of a hearty and kind New Zealander with a good sense of humour and an interest in vegan cookery. Political views might make up around five per cent of her tweets.

However in the few political tweets she has made, she apparently likes Donald Trump, (although its not certain) and she doesn’t like socialism or Jacinda Ardern. She also has a virtually unused Gab account.

Soon after the subject tweet, in an extremely sinister turn of events, two agents of the NZ Security Intelligence Service (SIS) came to her home and interrogated her. Jane says they also made “stern phone calls” to her and expressed “lots of disapproval”.

She says they also asked her about a mural on the side of the town library of a “Muslim girl and a wahine” that she had said she didn’t like (on artistic grounds), and about a link from a news service she had casually shared “where some loon was going to cut people’s heads off”.

Jane tweets under her own name. She has a fixed address. Her phone number is publicly available. She runs a recipe blog. It is abundantly clear she is no danger to anyone. Why then would a supposedly professional organisation like the SIS come knocking on her door?

Leaving aside the massive amount of real crime that goes unattended in NZ, this would seem to be a massive over-reach of authority, and the SIS should be made at the very least to apologise to Jane for their Stasi like harassment. This is not yet East Germany, or Soviet Russia, even though there are many out there who would like it to be.

One could also wonder whether the SIS was prompted into this threatening intrusion by someone known to be extraordinarily sensitive to twitter criticism. If so they should be much more circumspect in how they react to such prompting.

One also hopes it did not happen as a result of malicious narking from the odious Antifa linked group Paparoa who boast they have media, academic and govt connections, and monitor social media for “right wing extremism” like good little Stasi collaborators should.

Given it is unlikely the Ardern govt will disapprove of this event, an MP from ACT or National needs to approach the SIS on Jane’s behalf and call them to account. Someone at the SIS needs to be sacked, the innocent Jane needs an apology, and it may even be a good idea to pay her some financial recompense for such a sinister and malicious invasion of her home.


  • Our Government’s true colours are increasingly plain to see:
    – Islam sympathising
    – CCP compliant
    – Freedom sapping
    – An insatiable appetite for political power
    – A lackey to the UN/Globalist/Technocrats
    – Full of guile to deceive and mislead a gullible unsuspecting public
    – Tyrants at heart.


  • National are weak and spineless they will do nothing, we don’t have a parry that supports freedom of thought – even ACT will do nothing.