National needs to stop backing Labour on “Zero Carbon 2050”

National say they don’t want to push NZers out of their cars like Labour, but they still agree with net zero carbon by 2050.

In a press release today responding to Labour’s horrendous plan revealed yesterday, the National shadow Transport Minister Michael Woodhouse says-

Proposals floated to make the transport sector net carbon zero by 2050 include reducing the number of private vehicles on the road by 57 per cent. National agrees with Labour on the goal of zero emissions in our transport sector in the future, but we don’t support Kiwis being railroaded into a lifestyle that isn’t practical. We should be encouraging public transport use in our cities, particularly to get to and from work, and that means making sure it works for those using it.”

So a statement that really says four fifths of SFA. The rest of his press release isn’t any more comforting-

“Even in Let’s Get Wellington Moving the objective has changed from providing efficient and reliable access for all users, to reducing reliance on cars. National on the other hand believes in giving Kiwis the choice between public transport and private vehicles, and making sure both options are as efficient as possible.”

This sounds horribly like double talk. National are saying they are going to spend billions on public transport that they simultaneously say no one is likely to use?

National will continuously get caught in these traps until they take the step of actually opposing Labour and backing away from these silly targets, as Donald Trump did. Voters are looking for an alternative, not a party that agrees with the objectives of Labour, a collection of UN aligned economy destroying country dividing communists who have also been captured by the Maori sovereignty movement.

Just as Judith Collins has smartened up and is providing voters with a choice on Maori sovereignty, so should the Nats provide similar choices on other issues.

National should make “zero carbon by 2050” one of the first things they oppose. The target is actually impossible to achieve without major social disarray and financial hardship, so why the hell would they agree with it?

Hey National- there is no shame in speaking truth! If you persist in speaking the same lies as Labour, what is your worth?