Labour on CO2 “We can’t continue with business as usual”

Jacinda’s Transport Minister Michael Wood is adamant that NZ must do its bit to reduce CO2 emissions. He thinks they’re dirty, but actually, they’re essential to plant life and other planet survival mechanism. They do not have any significant effect on global weather or temperatures. About as much as dropping a feather into the Grand Canyon.

Comparison of historic CO2 levels. Click to enlarge

NZ produces less than 0.09 per cent of global greenhouse gases, (and transport less than half of this figure, and ICE cars about 70 per cent of that) but Jacinda Ardern is determined to cripple our economy to cut this to zero. Today the govt released Hīkina te Kohupara – Kia mauri ora ai te iwi – Transport Emissions: Pathways to Net Zero by 2050, a Ministry of Transport report outlining potential policies and pathways to a net zero emission transport sector.

While more and more families drift into poverty, crime and gang activity accelerates, housing is beyond reach of so many, the debt burden increases to unmanageable levels, and inflation and so many other factors threaten the well being of our economy, these virtue signaling morons want to try and control the globe’s temperature. Even though they have no idea what the optimal average temperature for the globe might be. Transport Minister Wood says-

“The pathways laid out in the report show it’s possible to meet our emission reduction targets, but big changes will be needed in the coming decades. There will be some hard choices to make, but it’s obvious we can’t continue with business as usual.”

Minister of Climate Change, the Alinsky disciple Jimmy Shaw, says-

“Whether it’s travelling to and from work, or visiting friends and family at the weekend, I think most people want to make these trips while also helping the planet.”

The report (the govt claims it is a discussion document) is a horrifying 155 page opus of statistics and projections written in language and with ideas straight out of similar United Nations documentation. Nowhere does it address the true economic cost of being CO2 free by 2050. (who writes this incomprehensible nonsense anyway and how much does it cost the taxpayer?) It does though contain gems like this-

Electric planes may be viable for reducing short-haul air travel emissions.

You may recall the calculations done on cost by the NZ Climate Commission were deemed incorrect by prominent economists and the commission refuses and has yet to release the data underpinning their calculations on this issue.

Why can’t we know the true cost? Because it would show a huge impact upon the economy, with much of it born by poor people, and one that is not in any way proportionate to the perceived problem.

Global warming/ greenhouse gas as pollution is mass hysteria orchestrated by self interested political actors. Its a complete fraud, as many scientists already know.

Pathways to Net Zero by 2050 (pdf)