Anti right wing purges have an historical base in China and the Soviet Union

You’d probably need to be a student of Chinese history to know this, but in 1957, the Communist Chinese (Chicoms) conducted an organised campaign to purge the country of people it perceived as “right wingers”.

You need to know about this, because right now, the left are attempting to conduct a similar purge throughout most western democracies.

In China circa 1957, the penalties for “rightism” included “informal criticism”, hard labor, and in some cases, execution. In western society today, firmly in the grip of the left through their hold on our media, academia, bureaucracy, and most cultural institutions, we counter-revolutionaries only have to endure the first of these punishments.

(So far. Imprisonment is on the horizon even as we speak. See how the law is being used by the Democrats in the US to go after their enemies. Rudi Giuliani the most recent example. Roger Stone. General Michael Flynn. Nick Fuentes, not convicted of any crime, has been put on the No Fly List.)

The Chinese were not the only communist group to conduct these kind of purges. In the 1930s, the Soviet Union under Stalin conducted a similar operation against the perceived right, who they called “kulaks”. (see article The institutional vilification of white people) On both occasions, a major breakdown of society occurred, the food chain was destroyed and millions starved to death.

In East Germany in the 1950s the secret service called the Stasi conducted similar campaigns. Jailing around 200,000 people for thought crimes. Torturing and murdering countless others.

Just as in the USSR the definition of Kulak eventually came to mean anyone who opposed communism, so did the Chinese definition of “rightist” become blurred. Sometimes it even included critics to the left of the Mao’s government, but it was officially aimed at intellectuals who appeared to favor capitalism, or were against one-party rule as well as collectivization.

The rightists were called Fǎnyòu Yùndòng in China, and it is estimated that over 2 million people were thus politically persecuted.

Its also worth noting another tangential operation in China at the time which was to attack the “Four Olds”. These were old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas. Sound familiar? You saw our statues getting pulled down. Our place names being changed. Our nuclear family being torn apart. Our own kids being cleaved from us by a “progressive” education system.

You’d need to be blind as a bat not to see the same operation as the Chinese and the Soviets carried out being performed in New Zealand, the USA and so many other western democracies today. Tempered only by our democratic rights, but the left are working to fix that problem every day.

Today in the west we who do not think as the majority communist collective thinks are the modern day counter-revolutionaries. The same people who were called Kulaks by the Soviets and Fǎnyòu Yùndòng by the Chicoms. Our punishments are not so harsh as suffered by our predecessors, but that is only because in spite of the left’s efforts, we still live in democratic countries.

If the left had the power they crave, you know things would be different.

There is nothing new under the sun readers. Especially when it comes to communists and how they deal with their enemies.

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  • One of the first things the Bolsheviks did, after making thoughts against the great socialist experiment punishable by death, was to close down thousands of clubs. Tennis clubs, book clubs, bands. Why are the big scary nihilists frightened of clubs? I must go join another one.