Auckland council- using housing to affect demographic change

Under communist rule, everything is political. Its the way the system rocks. Sport, entertainment, media, we know today its all the left infiltrating our institutions and using them to drive cultural change.

Planning is a big part of socialism, and apparently the Auckland Council has 400 planners on their payroll. So you think they’re focusing on sewage, footpaths, roads, core issues that councils should focus on.

You’re wrong. The Auckland Council and its planning dept is just as infiltrated by the left as any other institution, and its carrying out political tasks instead of doing those things you think it should be doing.

A few days ago I wrote an article on US political commentator Michael Savage. (The next US civil war has already started) Here’s part of that article-

“.. one of the left’s next targets will be suburban housing, which the left see as enclaves of rich privileged whites, and they plan to migrate large numbers of immigrants into the suburbs using freshly built high density housing. Most of the groundwork is already in place for this transformation, in Democrat controlled states and regions.”

You probably won’t see this written about in the MSM, but the anecdotal evidence for this happening in NZ right now is overwhelming. The Auckland City Council is doing exactly what Savage describes above. Here is an example, taken from a local discussion board-

Wandering around my daughters suburb, Royal Oak in Auckland, I’m amazed at the number of sections that are having the older houses removed or demolished and being replaced by units. 

..and another-

There is a lot of this happening around Meadowbank and Saint Johns also. House disappears over night and I assume at least 2 or more to be built on the section.

..and another, from the Eastern suburbs-

…the house went out on the back of a truck, they are now in the process of building 8 (yes eight!) 2 bedroom 2 story individual units! The next door property to this is also being developed with 3 two story 4/5 bedroom places. 

“So what?” you say. NZ needs housing. Sure we need housing, and the main reason we need housing is because badly managed immigration has overloaded the market. The issue here though is that change from NZ’s customary house on a quarter acre block to high density housing actually creates massive social change, and it all advantages the left.

Stark demographic change- Queen St 1950 and today

It pushes established NZers out and ensconces a score of immigrants. Where once there was only two votes, there are now twenty or more. Votes in the greater majority for Labour not for National.

There are no outdoor playing spaces for kids. So the young growing up in high density blocks naturally develop a hive mentality, collectivist, socialist, and once again advantaging the left. Both parents work and the kids go to day care where they’re heads are shot full of disguised communist doctrine.

There are fewer car spaces (if any) thereby discouraging the freedoms that personal transport provides. Once again, it pushed people onto the collective wet dream of public transport, and again, produces more hive mentality, less individualism.

The upshot is that a suburb once inhabited by old school NZers valuing individualism and other out of date concepts is converted into a hive of unwitting socialist drones with their minds and lifestyles cunningly shaped by unseen pressures from progressive ideology.

Nothing just happens today. It happens because its part of the left’s very long term plan. The consequences of these demographic changes are already being felt, but there’s much worse to come.

Wonder why 52% voted for the commie and her comrades? The manipulation is on a grand scale, and there is virtually no force working to counter it.