Michael Savage- in the US, the next civil war has already started

“Its in the red zone. Everybody knows that there is something very wrong”

Only a very occasional listener to American political commentator Michael Savage I was struck by his latest podcast and the references within to items written about on this very website. Namely the hate campaigns being waged by the left against their political opponents, and how this has become more than an ugly weeping sore upon our society. Today the left are a real threat to our wellbeing, peace and prosperity.

The key issue is how the left have polarised society. How they have moved so far in such a short time, and are today burning and looting cities, even taking them over, with impunity. To do this, they have to have immense power, and they are gaining that power not only by means of violence on the streets but also by corruption within our governments, our media and our universities.

Savage points out that a civil war does not necessarily mean two sets of uniformed armies facing off to one another. Marching to drums and flags, and engaging on designated battlefields. He warns that today’s civil war will more likely be fought by paramilitaries.

He examples northern Ireland, where whole regions were controlled by the IRA. Opponents were kidnapped, murdered, or just disappeared, and the authorities could do little to stop it. Or Syria, where guerilla groups fought in the streets for years.

He suggests this is the likely scenario in the US, with a three way war being fought between armed Communists, armed Constitutionalists, and the Police.

Savage suggest that today we are in what the CIA defines as the pre-insurgency phase, where the real subversives are still difficult to detect because the network they use to operate is hiding in or mingling with the crowd. However, they are establishing leaders, forming groups, defining their grievances, identifying enemies, and stockpiling weapons and supplies for a future more open conflict.

Savage points out that the current campaign against white people is very similar to the internal war Stalin waged on Kulaks in the 1930s. I have written about that very issue here.

Another interesting claim he makes is that one of the left’s next targets will be suburban housing, which the left see as enclaves of rich privileged whites, and they plan to migrate large numbers of immigrants into the suburbs using freshly built high density housing. Savage claims most of the groundwork is already in place for this transformation, in Democrat controlled states and regions.

We may not all agree on the contents of Savage’s podcast. AFAIK, he is still banned from visits to the UK. ( a crock) However, his views should not be silenced. They are food for thought, and if you download and listen to the podcast, (below) you will see what this means. If its all true, it is something citizens should at least have foreknowledge of, and the option of being prepared for.