Meng Foon claims New Zealand is “historically racist”

He just will not let it go. Appearing with Scottish communist Susie Fergusson on Red Radio’s Morning Report, Race Commissioner Meng Foon claimed once again that NZ is a racist country because of a “cumulative effect going right back through our nation’s history”.

His Dept has just released a report that says “racism is still prevalent”, and they’re working with the Justice Dept to fix this problem. You know what that means. Idiotic laws chock full of subjective language and a degree of surveillance of law abiding citizens that should never be seen in a free Western democracy.

Its amazing that the man in the street New Zealander keeps copping these endless insults and attacks on his character. Foon and his Dept are doing far more damage than good, especially when they drag up 100 year old events.

Its unlikely that the woke Labour government would ever do what needs to be done, and that’s to fire Meng’s divisive bitter arse and close his dept of Marxist clowns down for ever. Tell your National Party MP its one of the things they must do if they want your vote next election.