Academic- Maoris are white supremacists

New Zealand is drowning in left wing lunacy right now and nowhere is this lunacy more dominant than in its universities, which are awash with Critical Race Theory, a Marxist based concept that is doing untold damage to the minds of generations of graduates.

For an example of just how crazy, here’s an academic, (see video below) with a Doctorate in psychology no less, and a lecturer at Victoria university, claiming that “white supremacy is operating in Maori communities” and in fact “operating in all communities”. Whatever “operating” means.

Maori communities are dens of white supremacy? How does this lunacy get passed as suitable for inclusion in the education process? Is there no quality control, no checks on what can be “taught” to young impressionable New Zealanders.

This is as bad as anything ever said by the Klu Klux Klan. Should there be a study course in Klu Klux Klanism, and would this be approved under the same apparently non-existent monitoring system that allows Critical Race Theory?

Want another example? This same academic says-

The same white supremacist thinking that led to the terrorist attack in Christchurch also leads to Māori babies being uplifted, also leads to us being overrepresented in the justice system and these types of things.

Just abject lunacy and that is passes as instruction in our universities is nothing short of criminal. What’s to be done? Apparently nothing other than to make sure you keep your children well away from these reckless irresponsible lunatics and their appalling cultist nonsense.

Video of academic pontificating on “white supremacy”. In actuality, what she says is not even coherent, let along logical or factual.