NZ parents have abandoned their kids to left wing psychopaths

The picture above comes from today’s “School Strike”, where kids take a day off school to protest at the govt’s perceived lack of action on the global socialist scam of man caused climate change.

Its shows Fleur Harris, 11, and Nela Hammer, 10, protesting in Christchurch. Yes, that’s right. These kids are only ten and eleven, and they’re scared to hell about climate change.

They can only get this way by means of what they learn at school, so what we have is New Zealand parents en masse sending their kids to have their minds totally abused by degenerate psychopathic left wing scum, and apparently these parents couldn’t give a damn.

They’re happy for their kids’ minds to be molested in this disgusting way.

I’m just about done with this country. Its a degenerate Marxist backwater that deserves everything that is coming to it.


  • It’s a fine line we tread between being too naive and being too cynical, I know, but this latest post, RB, has tipped you well over into the latter. Retrieve your hope, goodwill and love for this nation, my friend. All is not lost….degenerating yes, but it’s where there’s growing darkness that even the smallest candle can make quite a difference. You’re at your best when you’re holding up a candle..rather than cursing the darkness. Stay the course, bro’…you were brought on board for such a time as this.


    • As I said on Gab, thank you my friend. I’m sure that is good advice. I understand it and will take it on board. Hope you note it is not often that I get to this level, but seeing this all happening today, with education being such a crucial area if we want to build a nation, and yet so much apathy or failure to realise just what is at stake here, I get a little frustrated.


  • The new left have two goals for children – pedophilia or abortion.

    These habits require more and more flagrant excess each time to feed the bestial desire. The left are trapped by a disgusting minority.

    Using kids for political marches is the beginning of the end.