New Zealand media’s lame reporting on Chauvin trial

Some sadly naïve and gullible people still pay attention to the NZ media because they think it gives them useful news and trustworthy commentary on local and world events. I read it only to cast a critical eye over their reporting. I never expect truth, facts and/or objective commentary, and therefore, I’m never disappointed by what I find.

The pathetic level of reporting on the trial of the Derek Chauvin, the police officer accused of murdering George Floyd has been an excellent example of their unprofessional work.

Every article they publish is soaked with the pre-formed narrative that the noble George Floyd was murdered by a racist cop working in a racist justice system. With only token consideration given to the fact that Chauvin may be innocent.

The truth we know from more reliable sources is that George Floyd was a drug addicted criminal and loser who overdosed on drugs consumed before and at the time of his arrest, and who died mainly from a combination of his drug abuse and poor health.

The video that formed the basis for widespread protests and accusations against the police gave a completely incorrect impression of what was really going on, such as Floyd saying he was unable to breathe long before he was held on the ground. Recent police body-cam footage even suggests Chauvin’s knee is not on Floyd’s neck, as the media have reminded us constantly, but on his shoulder blade.

Reliable media outlets that I follow, where real legalists give their opinion, have said quite correctly that it is not that the prosecution has a weak case against Chauvin. It’s that they have absolutely no case at all. They haven’t even established how Floyd died. On a number of occasions, prosecution witnesses have ended up saying things that work more in Chauvin’s favor.

Floyd’s death was used as a trigger for widespread protests by Marxist groups seeking political advantage, and not because there was really any injustice in the circumstances of his arrest and or death. Fake news media though have never told us this truth. Not in New Zealand anyway.

The bottom line is this trial shouldn’t even be happening at all. Its a sop to arrantly duplicitous Marxist political activists who will burn down the country if they don’t get the conviction they demand. Sad enough, but even sadder when one understand that our own media are willingly complicit in this vile strategy and hoping for this disastrous evil outcome.

Never forget, media today are the enemy of the people. Their disgraceful support for the attempted institutional framing of Derek Chauvin is just one more thing that proves it.