Soaring power prices as reality of renewable energy lunacy starts to bite

The NZ Labour govt is made up of people who have reached adulthood without ever having to deal with the realities of life, especially that part that deals with commercial reality. They are immature children in adult bodies.

That they have been elected twice is no sign of political acumen. In the first instance it was a result of devious MMP maneuvering by an embittered loser. In the second, a result of the main opposition party’s compulsion to commit political hari kari. (What idiot told them Muller and Kaye would be a winning combination anyway?)

So now we’re stuck with these economically illiterate imbeciles for another three years, and all we can really do is hunker down and weather the storm. Fine for the people with the necessary resources. Not so great for the poor suckers on the wrong side of the economic railway tracks, who voted for these kiddies in the mistaken belief they had some idea of how to run a country.

Nothing emphasizes Labour’s ignorance and incompetence more than their 2016 promises to improve life for the poor compared to the reality today that in recent times, the poor have never had it so bad.

Hamish Rutherford is a NZ Herald reporter, and in a rare burst of energy and acumen, he’s actually produced a column with more than a modicum of worth, wherein he points out that the country’s economics will only get worse as long as power prices continue to rise.

Emergency housing is filling motels needed for tourism. Charitable poverty relief organisations are completely overloaded. Crime and violence and racial division are all burgeoning. A massive increase in the cost of energy is something we definitely do not need in the mix right now, but its happening. Because its the reality that Jacinda and her swooning looting acolytes know nothing about.

The irony is they’ve only done a small part of what they would like to do. The full plan is laid out in the Alice in Wonderland fantasy that is the Climate Commission Report. What Labour has done so far has been bad enough. Just wait till they get around to implementing the measures in the report. Then we’ll get an even harsher dose of reality.

Major Electricity Users Group (MEUG) chairman John Harbord declared-

The system is failing to deliver affordable electricity, a failure that is seeing the lights go off in factories around the country. The reality is, if the prices continue on the pathway they’re on, there’ll be a number of major industrial operations in the country that simply won’t be in business anymore. We’re looking at the loss of thousands of jobs and the hollowing out of New Zealand’s manufacturing capability in some sectors or industries.

Its not rocket science. High electricity prices are caused by a shortage of supply, and the shortage of supply is down to a lack of fuel. Turbines will not generate electricity unless NZ has the means to rotate them. Lakes are low. Gas is getting more scarce every day. Rutherford says

ultimately Transpower could require a conservation campaign, requiring compulsory electricity savings.

Compulsory electricity savings is socialist speak for blackouts. We know why we’re short of gas, but these pathetic fumbling infantile Labour party clowns have only just started. Watch as the country sinks deeper into the abyss of socialism, and the fraudulent vortex of renewable energy, and the vacuous hapless PM issues one frantic and impossible promise after another.

The poor in another 24 months or so will look back on 2021 as the year of plenty.

Meanwhile the solution (coal and or gas) to all this, these high energy prices, sits untouched in the ground because of a fairy tale religion preached by deceptive scurrilous global socialist charlatans whose real ambition is the destruction of our economic base anyway. And no one is pushing back on this stark raving madness. The Roman Empire frittered itself away. Hollowed from within. “Hold my beer” says the West, and NZ most vociferously.