Indoctrinating our kids is left’s only way to get their arguments mainstream

Surely you know the left by now. They’re the scum who are all over the western world tearing it to pieces. Shutting down alternative arguments where ever they can. Silencing opponents through corporate tyranny. Fixing elections. Taking your firearms. Doing all they can to destroy nation states and introduce one world socialism.

All of that, but the worst they are doing is indoctrinating our children, an act that admits these anti-intellectual thugs and cowards have no other way of getting their arguments into the mainstream other than brainwashing gullible impressionable kids.

This indoctrination is reaching such destructive levels, its hard to see it as anything but treason. Yes. Our kids are being taught treason while our parliamentary representatives, the ones we elect to look after our interests, stand by like lame limp surrender monkeys.

At a London school, kids pulled down a UK flag the headmaster had flown, and burnt it. Their teachers supported them. In fact, only an idiot would not believe that the ideas the kids have, and that drove them to destroy the flag of their country, were put there by those same teachers in the first place.

The kids want changes to their curriculum- less English history, more multi-culturalism, less about England’s “white” kings and queens, and more about Black Lives Matter.

The headmaster of the school has agreed to discuss these changes, and also will no longer fly the Union Jack from the school flagpole.

Its time we began to get serious about these global Marxist scum and start applying laws that were meant to deal with this kind of insurrection. Starting with charging the teachers and the headmaster, and maybe even the parents of the children who supported this. With long prison sentences upon conviction and plenty of deportations if they’re practicable.

Its a waste of time voting for current political parties. There needs to be an uprising of the people who are having their country stolen from right under their noses, and one day, a man will come who will lead that fight.

He is not in parliament today. It will need to be someone new. Whatever happens, it must happen soon. There is no way that the current treasonous situation can continue.

Opinion piece underpinned by news from Breitbart UK