French govt rejects use of term “Islamophobia”

One of the left’s traditional strategies in their never ending quest for more and more power, and the shutting down of voices that oppose them, has been to label such opposition as insane.

Lenin and later Stalin set the pattern when they shipped millions of citizens off to gulags on the grounds of insanity. The residual effect of their actions is seen today in re-education courses regularly run by govt or corporate departments where the idea is to set your thinking straight. Sportsmen often have to attend these courses if they somehow reveal wrong think during their public appearances.

Another part of this same “if you disagree with the progressive left you’re insane” strategy has been to use made up terms that suggest madness. Usually by adding the suffix “phobia” to some collective noun, and thereby implying that anyone disagreeing with leftist dictates is suffering from an irrational fear and in need of psychiatric care.

Forget that no professional psychiatric analysis is ever carried out to confirm this alleged condition. All you have to do is utter words the left disapproves of, and that’s enough to have you classified. Just as in Stalin’s Russia way back in the 1950’s.

“Islamophobia” is one of these made up words, and its use is so widespread today its even found in New Zealand government documents. Especially in the junk legislation that frames laws around hate speech and hate crimes.

Its refreshing to see some pushback on this odious degenerate trend. In France, a govt committee has announced that the word “Islamophobia” will not be used by govt departments because-

“The term ‘Islamophobia’ was imposed by the Islamists with the aim of prohibiting any form of criticism of radical Islam, under the guise of a fallacious defence of the Muslim religion.”

The committee referenced the murders of Salman Rushdie and teacher Samuel Paty, and the Charlie Hedbo killings, and stated that Islamophobia was being used by Islamists as a way to introduce blasphemy laws. They said

“The state refuses to use the term ‘Islamophobia’ which is only the weapon of Islamists against freedoms and the Republic.”

What a shame New Zealand leaders are not so clear thinking. Jacinda Ardern and the sycophantic Andrew Little have based a large part of their later careers on pandering to radical Islam, and we know that the coming legislation they are working on will be degenerate and barbarous.

As the late Christopher Hitchins once said-

“The barbarians never take the city until someone holds the gates open for them, and it’s your own preachers who will do it for you, and your own multicultural authorities who will do it for you. Resist it while you can.”

France is also taking action to shut down anti-Western Islamic groups pushing for what are in essence blasphemy laws. In New Zealand, Jacinda and Andy and our woke Police Commissioner are sickeningly and idiotically groveling to them.

Most of the research underpinning this opinion piece comes from an article on Breitbart UK.

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