Tucker Carlson nails AOC and other race baiting imbeciles

We resent the mainstream media today for many reasons, but one of the main ones is the way they give a megaphone to people we really don’t want to hear from.

Tucker Carlson is asked to comment on views expressed by Democrat “Green New Deal” politician Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, (commonly referred to as AOC). He gives a very direct answer that is classic in that he articulates exactly what so many people feel about AOC and her ilk.

Basically Tucker says “I don’t want to know her name and I don’t want to hear her views. She is a low IQ race baiter. Who cares?”

New Zealand is full of the same kind of non-events as AOC. Most are in the Green Party. Golriz Ghahraman, Ricardo March, Marama Davidson. The media keep shoving their views in our faces when we just do not give a damn what these people think.

Media are the enemy of the people, and never more so than when they give undue attention to these irritating loud mouthed communist nobodies. Well said Tucker Carlson.