Minimum wage just another false narrative of socialism

Socialism is a system of lies. It demands citizens must suspend belief in recognised laws of nature, physics, mathematics and economics, and soak up the gormless platitudes and mistruths of its greatest proponent, the craven mainstream media.

Without the politically corrupted media and its torrent of lies, socialism would die the death it deserves. A real media would investigate, and expose these lies, but alas, once socialism has its grip on a country, the last thing it will ever have is a real media.

One of the real big lies is the concept of a minimum (or living) wage. Media supports this hoax fully, and whenever the minimum wage rises they do an enthusiastic analysis of “how much extra money will be in your pay packet”, and the gullible trusting people who are their customers believe this cynical lie. They give only token exposure to arguments against this myth.

Its simply not true, for any wage rise mandated in this way, and not related to productivity or some real change in circumstances, does not mean more money in anyone’s pocket. Everything that is bought is produced or distributed or retailed or transported or packed or posted or whatever by the very same people who receive the wage increase.

Therefore the wage increase goes straight on top of whatever the price of the product was before the wage increase, and its automatically cancelled out.

You can check this out easily by looking at minimum wages around the world and compare it to a chart of cost of living. All the countries with a high minimum wage also have the highest cost of living.

The same goes for increases in benefits. Such increases mean taxes must be raised which once again means everything produced must have this extra cost added to its retail price.

Here’s a perfect example of a socialist lie, printed by Stuff News and spoken by Labour Minister Michael Wood-

“The rise in the minimum wage is estimated to boost wages across the economy by $216 million, giving New Zealanders more money to spend at local businesses. Increases to the minimum wage can also promote productivity, which is good for businesses too”

Utter worthless garbage that in a sane country would be laughed at and derided. That is if it ever even saw the light of day.

That the idiotic claim that it will mean more money in the working man’s or the beneficiaries pocket has traction in society is just one more sign of how socialism destroys. Its a system of cruel illusion leaching off the vulnerable in society, and this illusion is mostly pushed by a vile and corrupt media that is truly the enemy of the people.