New Zealand needs to look at Denmark’s ghetto laws

Why is liberal paradise Denmark, where the PM is Jacinda Ardern’s favourite politician, introducing strict laws designed to force immigrants to integrate into Danish society?

Even liberals have to come to their senses sooner or later, and that’s why the Danes have gone for a series of “ghetto laws” aimed at reducing social, cultural and racial disharmony of the kind that is also occurring in New Zealand today.

Here is how it works. The govt designates certain areas as ghettos, and these are typically low income immigrant enclaves. Citizens of these designated areas are obliged to comply with new laws, under threat of having welfare payments stopped and other more severe punitive measure. (Parents could receive 4 years jail if they send their children to be radicalised overseas for example)

There are 29 such designated areas in Denmark. In one of the worst, (Mjolnerparken), forty-three percent of its residents are unemployed, 82 percent come from non-Western backgrounds, 53 percent have scant education and 51 percent have relatively low earnings.

The foundation of the new laws is the requirement that starting at the age of 1, ghetto children must undergo 25 hours a week of instruction in Danish values, including the traditions of Christmas and Easter, and Danish language. There are also proposals for 8pm curfews on unaccompanied youth under 18 years of age.

A shame to find these kind of authoritarian measures in what were previously liberal countries, but apparently the locals have come to regard them as necessary in order to preserve the traditional liberal values that have been put under threat by immigrants with radically different values.

Denmark and New Zealand have much the same populations. Perhaps its time Jacinda looked at what her Scandinavian friend is doing with a view to its possible implementation in New Zealand, for the same purposes it has been done in Denmark.