NZ Police badly in need of new management

Go woke go broke is a fine saying. Of course the Police can’t go broke, but they can become a bumbling inefficient morass that fails to do its real job.

The buck stops here is another fine saying, and would imply that Commissioner Andrew Coster is the issue, and at the root of the problem (IMHO) is his apparent compulsion to grovel at the feet of the woke. He’s political not practical.

The Christchurch shooting was an aberrational event, a crime carried out by an Australian madman who if correct procedures had been followed, would never have been able to legally acquire the arms he used in his crimes. There’s where the story should have ended.

Instead we had Jacinda Ardern milking the event (as usual) for world wide publicity, and manufacturing the entirely false narrative that NZ society was deeply infiltrated by white supremacist groups who presented a dire threat to the welfare of a certain socio/political group.

So we had the pointless and all for show gun buy back, new hate crime hate and speech laws, police harassing law abiding citizens for no real reason, the Security Intelligence Service under pressure, new agencies formed to counter “online hate” and of course the craven duplicitous mainstream media pumping air into this politically driven farce as fast as they could.

While all this show business stuff was happening, the Police have dropped the ball on real crime. Gangs are out of control. Gun crime has increased. Violent assaults have sky-rocketed. Police are under-resourced, undermanned and under prepared. While Police were wearing out of uniform pink shirts to knock on doors of suspected white supremacists, drugs, burglaries, car theft, and every other crime has accelerated.

Not to mention the “bullying” sideshow.

Coster isn’t alone in the mismanagement of the Police and their ineffectiveness against crime. The incompetence is shared by failed poet, (The Blue Taniwha) one time teacher and now Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis and one time academic Police Minister Stuart Nash. These two rejects from the fieldmouse factory don’t ever want to jail or even punish anyone ever for any crime. (Nash was replaced at the end of 2020 by Pouto Williams, who has so far shown a bit more initiative than a jelly fish, but not that much more.)

And of course at the top of this pyramid is Jacinda Ardern. Fifty per cent of New Zealanders voted for this collection of bungling ideologically driven socialist fools, now one hundred per cent pay the price.

However they didn’t vote for Coster, and he can be fired, and he should be fired, but thanks to his craven wokeness, he’ll remain a protected animal while Davis, Nash and Ardern rule the roost.


  • The New Zealander

    Funnily enough both Davis and Nash represent electorates where gang crime creates some of the most harm in NZ.

    For over a decade the trend of police recruitment has been little boys and girls who barely know anything about dealing with thugs. Now it’s 50 year olds and anyone who ticks a couple of minority boxes.

    Pay cops a decent salary and give them the full backing of the government to do their job properly without being held back by woke ACAB rodents.