Which one would you hire?

Was struck by the stark difference in the pictures of the current Labour Housing Minister Megan Woods and National’s Shadow Housing Minister Nicola Willis (photo credit Zane Small) Which one would you hire if they applied for a job and appeared equally qualified?

BTW need to make the point here the well coutured Willis is as wet and woke as they come, and was one of the prime movers in the disastrous Muller replacement of Bridges. So she’s no favourite of mine.

Woods made a major blunder in parliament last week telling Willis that she should read already available documents before asking dumb questions, but it turns out the documents Woods was referencing are actually weeks away from completion.

Wood’s distressed and desperate appearance speaks volumes about her real capabilities. She’s number five on the Labour list, which also speaks volumes about Labour.


  • The New Zealander

    I found your blog.

    Agree. No fan of Willis, but she’s probably a good person to delegate simple tasks too without having a meltdown.


    • Yes, She’s a competent Minister, and as a mother of six (?) deserves some credit. However, she showed a lack of judgement in backing Muller, who IMHO was always going to be a disaster, and also an unfortunate degree of disloyalty in working for so long against Bridges. Far too progressive for me.