Good to at last see some fight back from the Nats

Melissa Lee is fighting back against left wing cultural domination in a manner that should be an inspiration to her National Party colleagues. (Melissa is the Nat’s spokesman for, Broadcasting & Media and the Digital Economy and Communications and Ethnic Communities) She recently received some encouragement from this blog for her work on the Social Services and Community select committee.

Now she  has latched on to another piece of invidious legislation planned by Jacinda Ardern’s Labour govt, namely the the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification of Publications and Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill. Melissa says the bill is

a legislative leviathan that could threaten the future of free internet in New Zealand. The Bill is now open for submissions and I encourage you to read the facts and write to the Committee with your views. This is not a bill about online harm, it’s really the start of the next national debate on Free Speech and Censorship in New Zealand.

and she is right. She needs support for her work so if you can, send in a submission. Great to see a Nat MP addressing something that matters at last. Melissa to her credit doesn’t hold back. She also says

The Government are choosing to make it about the abhorrent attacks that took place in Christchurch, something near irrelevant to the proposal which had been in the works since before they took place. This Bill really is about Censorship and fighting free speech.

So much is being falsely tied to the Christchurch attack in this manner. Its a fraud. You know the Stasi left are coming after the internet, and their ultimate aim is to shut down political criticism and make it a thing where people only talk about their dogs and or makeup choices. The bill is a big step on their way to achieving this goal. Don’t let them succeed.