Police force should not be used for insane left wing social experiments

New Zealand’s government services, especially a service as critical as the Police Force, should not be used for left wing social experiments. A “journalist” at Stuff (Christian Fuller) writes an article today gushing over the hiring of an Indian immigrant woman as a Police Constable.

Of course Christian is free to express his own opinions, but readers should expect at least some degree of critical analysis. Putting small frail women into the front line of the police is not all good.

Apparently a “physical appraisal” is part of the testing regime. How do women, especially as small and as slender as in this case, pass such a test? Surely the idea of any physical appraisal would be focused on attributes that would help in the case of arrest of violent offenders, rescue of people in distress, and removal of possibly unconscious bodies from threatening situations.

Police work in pairs. If one isn’t up to these physical requirements, it not only puts extra responsibility on the partner, but could also be dangerous in certain circumstances. (Gang confrontations etc.)

The new constable said –

“I want to be the best possible version of myself, but also inspire more females from diverse backgrounds to join the police.”

Eastern District Police commander superintendent Jeanette Park, probably a gender hire herself (rather than merit), offered the usual politically correct and meaningless platitudes.

“We welcome diversity within Police as we are aiming for a constabulary workforce diverse in ethnicity and gender that reflects our communities, we have set ambitious recruitment targets nationwide to meet our desired workforce profile.”

Social engineering BS. Police should be male of significant physical stature and strength. If they’re not, then they are at real risk of putting their fellow workers in harm’s way.


  • Fem attack bots are white anting the great strengths of women, by wanting them to be little men. This is the transgendering. Turning men and women into confused depressed consumers.


    • Agree. Men and women are meant to work in unison. Using their own particular strengths. They are then able to form a sum that is larger than the two units. Having them compete with each other is destructive.