NZ National Party has forgotten the reason it was founded

I see a Twitter adversary (Liam Hehir) doing commentary on NZ’s QandA, and he’s talking about the report that the National Party commissioned to help it understand its recent election loss. (see post before this)

Leaving aside his bumptious manner and attempts to monopolize the show, he didn’t say too much that warrants comment (as usual) but he did say this-

The National party is not like Labour, it doesn’t have a coherent ideology

Which might be true today, as the Nats have been almost totally infiltrated by wet progressives whose main concern is advancing their careers. These people are generally quite ignorant of the strategies of the leftist behemoth they are meant to be working against, and are therefore outsmarted most of the time. A fact made even more disappointing because in most cases the left are so much less intelligent.

However, before this infiltration, the Nats did have a coherent ideology, and it was aimed at stopping the leftist cultural hegemony that exists today. Sadly, they threw those ideas aside, and now are so invested in progressivism, would probably be embarrassed by them.

When the truth is that if only they had kept to those ideas, they wouldn’t be in the tragic and long lasting losing position they are in today.