Well done by Melissa Lee

The National Party get far more brickbats than bouquets on this blog, but shadow Broadcasting Minister Melissa Lee did an excellent job questioning the commies from Radio New Zealand and TVNZ at the Social Services and Community select committee hearing on Public Broadcasting.

Didn’t get any real answers from the duck shoving buck passing equivocators who run those organisations, but she asked the right questions, about how govt funding might shape their political reporting.

RNZ board chair Jim Mather confusingly described RNZ as a “progressive” organisation, and then went on to claim it was free of bias and reported objectively. Melissa asked him why they couldn’t meet their target of gaining the trust of 70% of their listeners. (they’re stalled at 59%). Again, they had no real answer. Skilled in bureau-speak and woke catch phrases, they oiled their way out of any real accountability.