Media hiding truth on who reported alleged terrorist threats to NZ Police

Media in New Zealand are repeating the claim that “members of the public” alerted the NZ Police about claimed threats to set off car bombs near the Linwood Islamic Centre and Al Noor Mosque on the anniversary of the 2019 attack.

Why are they using this innocuous phrase when the truth is it was the Antifascist group Paparoa, who constantly monitor what they perceive as the “right wing threat” and are highly politically motivated in what the do? Media should tell the public who Paparoa really are.

This group of communists makes a habit of smearing critics of the left as “white supremacists” and have included Dr Don Brash, National Party leader Simon Bridges, writer Jordan Peterson, film maker Lauren Southern, Conservative party leader Elliot Ikilei and Conservative Party candidate Dieuwe de Boer in their allegations.

Due to Paparoa’s involvement, this whole situation reeks of manipulation by pressure groups and rancid political motivation. What we’re meant to believe is that these guys planned car bombing assaults but told the world about it by posting on 4chan? However the only charge made by the Police is one of threatening to kill, and they’re muttering about “hate crimes”.

Seems like a pretty poor basis for a terrorism alert and a SWAT team call out. NZ Police perhaps need to be better prepared for people using them for political means, and know that Antifa and their media comrades are probably a far greater threat to New Zealand’s overall wellbeing than the probable stooges apprehended in Christchurch yesterday.