Fake media enabled by fake opposition

Its not news, but it has to be said again. The NZ media is a nest of green Marxist propagandists who have betrayed the mission of the fourth estate. They work to confound and cripple our democracy instead of enhancing it.

Critics have this week correctly pointed out an exceptional example of betrayal in media’s refusal to report on the widespread international revulsion resulting from Jacinda Ardern’s United Nations speech.

In her address, Ardern launched a despicable and dangerous attack on one of the cornerstone principles of the free West, namely freedom of expression. (see excerpt below) and the speech was harshly and widely criticised in international media for its authoritarian anti-Western overtones.

Ardern’s evil speech at the United Nations. Notice the fakeness (hand waving, facial expressions, intonation, body posture) of the delivery.

Ardern called upon her WEF doppelgangers Trudeau and Macron (among others) to assist her in crippling any public dissent on issues such as global warming, mass vaccination, and or just about anything that opposes Marxist progressive ideology and one world government. Across the West.

The local (NZ) media, who beg us for money and take bribes from the govt and slavishly worship Ardern while they simultaneously bemoan a growing lack of trust, have not only only praised the speech highly, they have also stubbornly refused to report on the international condemnation that followed. If TV One News (for example) is your only source of information, you would have no idea of that widespread criticism.

And that’s fine. We know who they are. Scum progressive left imposters who have infiltrated the legacy media and turned it into a propaganda device for Green Marxism. We expect them to lie and distort facts, or denigrate our heritage and traditions, and they seldom disabuse us of this expectation.

However we do have a couple of parties in parliament, namely ACT and National, whose purpose is supposedly to oppose the Ardern govt and any crazy ideas it comes up with.

If ever a government needed some opposition it is the Ardern regime, and if ever there were some crazy ideas that needed to be rejected and exposed and opposed tooth and nail, they are the ideas Ardern referred to in her UN speech.

So what have we seen, or better heard, from ACT and National in the week since Ardern made her speech? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Even less than from the fake news media.

Social media is applying some pressure to the MSM on this issue, but why should media react to this when the people who should be prodding them into action, namely Luxon and Seymour, the parliamentary leaders of the so called “opposition”, are as quiet as mice?

A “Controlled Opposition” is one of the ideas the legacy media label as a “conspiracy theory”, their favourite device for discrediting information that confronts whatever partisan progressive narratives they’re pushing at any time.

A Controlled Opposition is a fake opposition that exists only to quell suspicions that we may not be living in a democracy anymore. It provides tacit or token disagreement on things that don’t really matter and turns a blind eye to the big things.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis (R) speaks out against socialism and communism at a US/Taiwanese forum to oppose Chinese Communist Party influence in US politics. An issue that (post John Key) has yet to be fully addressed in New Zealand politics.

Sound far fetched? Maybe, but its amazing the things the legacy media discredits (as conspiracy theories) that are turning out to be true these days. If there is no such thing as a “controlled opposition”, where is the criticism from ACT (the freedom party) and National on Ardern’s UN speech?

They haven’t said a damn word because they are controlled. Controlled by their shambling inarticulate leaders who are in turn totally controlled by their trembling fear of the legacy media.

Thinking people know we have been betrayed by the media, and we will continue to be betrayed as long as the weak submissive bunch of invertebrates who pose as our opposition parties cower to the corrupt imposters at TV One, Newshub, Stuff, The NZ Herald, Radio New Zealand and other outlets. Commonly referred to as The Palace Guard.

This blog has often made the point that we need a new party in New Zealand. Never has this need been more starkly emphasized than in the failure of Messrs Luxon and Seymour to confront Jacinda Ardern and her media comrades on the pure evil of her UN speech.


  • On the mark again Redbaiter, the opposition parties are totally gutless. I just hope all minor parties can work together to at least get a voice in parliament at next years election.

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  • Surely Ardern and her acolytes must be pushing the bounds of treason. Listening to some of this current assembly of miscreants masquerading as government it is sickening to think there are New Zealanders who actually support them. No self respecting taxpayers could honestly hold these unemployable leeches in esteem,

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  • How many appreciate that the iniquitous comrade commissar Cindy et al “frame” the discussion so as to accuse and blame others of exactly what they do, themselves?

    It’s all about careful word choice and the “framing” of a discussion to suit the commies’ evil agenda.

    A cardinal rule of PR, lies and political spin is to . . .

    Take an item’s weakest aspect, then praise and promote it as if it’s a ‘great benefit,’ rather than the ‘appallingly negative defect’ that it really is.

    One of the most spectacular successes is the socio-commie’s sustained abuse of the label ‘progressive,’ when they are really are, totally and utterly, regressives. They actually are the most low-down retards and nasty enemies of progress that’s possible.

    “Narrative” and “pivot” are among the newspeak word-meaning contortions.

    ‘Narrative’ = tall tales and fairy stories; and ‘pivot’ = a change of mind / position / direction. The abuse of these expressions is all to achieve one thing. To conceal and / or disguise the truth.

    To paraphrase comrade commissar Cindy:

    But there is no cause for optimism. Because for every new weapon we communists utilise, the population finds a new tool to overcome it.

    For every attempt we make to push the world into chaos, is a people’s collective conviction to bring us back to order.

    They have the means, unfortunately; we just need the collective will to defeat them all.

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    • You’re on to it friend. Notice other anti-democracy despots across the west using the very same terminology. Have you seen the video montage of the global MSM’s onslaught of “fascist” allegations against Giorgia Meloni? Just like a bunch of robots. Feeding propaganda/ lies to an audience they must think are idiots.

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      • Re thinking we are idiots, well we are not but there are still far too many who are sadly. And by the way, many thanks for your post, Jacinda ‘the tooth fairy’ Ardern at her old tricks again.


    • Very good, especially your last paraphrase.


  • Both National and Act lied about the Wellington protests and the rivers of filth. The enemedia lied. Adern lied. It’s one big club and we’re not welcome. The sooner the masses wake up to this fact the sooner they will vote for a person that loves our nation and is broken hearted about the direction we are heading.

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    • The sooner the masses wake up to this fact the sooner they will vote for a person that loves our nation and is broken hearted about the direction we are heading.

      There is no such person.
      The cupboard is bare.


  • Remember most of a politicians performance is in supplication to the elite, not the people. They dance for their masters pleasure.



  • Yes we have to look closely at the ‘opposition’ too. Always been a supporter/defender of Mr Seymour on this blog, but talking with a friend who is a ACT party member, he contacted him regarding words in their 12th Sept. Free Press
    (can’t find online).

    It contained a sly dig at President Trump, “this year Joe Biden spent $1.9 trillion in a gargantuan stimulus package while his predecessor is busy dividing the country in half.”
    I obviously can’t release someone else’s correspondence, but my friend queried about what Trump did to divide the country – esp. with Bidens terrible speeches.
    Anyway he did get a reply something about Trump not respecting the election outcome etc. and storming the capitol.
    My friend sent a few solid links Cspan coverage, govt. docs etc. of irregularities in the lead up to 2020 election and US electoral processes (nothing lunatic) but last time I spoke was yet to get a reply.
    Sounds like he is an anti-Trumper regardless of evidence or at minimum a regurgitator of MSM narrative.
    You would think they would learn.

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