In Italy, Giorgia Meloni’s victory terrifies NZ progressives

The latest NZ political poll confirms what any astute observer has known for some time. Christopher Luxon is a dud. He is Todd Muller all over again, and the National Party cannot attract widespread support while it is in the hands of people too timid to present themselves as anything much different to the insufferable left wing imbeciles who make up the current govt.

So what to do?

Map shows massive shift (blue) away from the left. Red shows regions won by traditional left.

The answer to this question is becoming clearer every day, as we observe those leaders prepared to vigorously challenge left wing/ progressive orthodoxy rising in popularity right across the West. In Italy, Giorgia Meloni’s victory at the weekend has provided an emphatic example of how to escape the kind of depressing left wing tyranny that currently envelops NZ.

The vile legacy media, aka the unrelenting propaganda arm of the progressive left, are doing all they can to discredit Ms Meloni as a “fascist”. Here’s something you need to do. Check out her policies. (see the video below) Some of them are not even right wing.

Ms Meloni is no fascist. She is basically just an old fashioned Conservative who believes in God, Family and Country. Three things the globalist left despise.

In the 2018 Italian election, Ms Meloni attracted only around 4% of the vote. Four years later, by dint of the passion and the rhetoric Luxon has no chance of ever matching, she drove her vote to 26%. The highest number of votes of all parties in Italy. All up, the combined right won 310 seats to the Democratic Party’s 85.

Italy’s Democratic Party is basically the same as the Labour Green alliance that exists in New Zealand. They only attract 19% of the vote (red in bar chart), but label everyone to their right “extremist”.

Where did the votes come from? Not from the left. Their vote stayed roughly the same, at 19%. Ms Meloni took votes from what is loosely described as the center right. Fifty per cent of the voters who had supported the “center right” in 2018 shifted their vote to Ms Meloni in 2022.

Like Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, Kari Lake in Arizona, and Ron Desantis in Florida, Giorgia Meloni had the guts to stand up and speak loudly and passionately and unapologetically about the values she cherishes. It was a vote winner. The so called centrists showed where their real political preferences lie, if only there is someone who will clearly articulate them.

Left media’s pejorative labels of fascist, far right, and extreme right are proven to be vicious lies and smears. if there are any extremists in the Italian election it is the tribalists who are welded to the minority Democratic Party, with their miserable 19% of the vote. The very people who are calling everyone else extremist are actually the real extremists!

NZ badly needs a party prepared to effectively repel the left’s unrelenting decades long attack on conservatism and the family. The most critical requirement though is for a leader who like Ms Meloni can aggressively and unapologetically take the fight to the incumbent left and their vile media comrades.

Watch Giorgia Meloni’s electrifying speech and you’ll get the idea of what is needed. Politicians with the courage, passion and sincerity of Ms Meloni are few and far between. Doubtful anyone of her calibre is to be found among the current bunch of waffling vacillating grease balls who claim to oppose the left in NZ. MPs who stand for nothing and won’t fight anyway.

Nevertheless, somewhere, somehow, we must find a leader such as Giorgia, and the sooner the better.


  • 💯🎯 Redbaiter!
    Fully agree with you!


  • I saw a speech of hers posted on BFD a few weeks back Italy is lucky!! Oh for someone like her here.


    • Luxon is no fool, nor Willis. They surely must see New Zealand needs strong right wing leadership, not wishy washy woke bullshit like they are dishing out to the populace currently. Come on you two, stand aside and let the party elect some strong active leaders that will totally stuff this present communist leader and her politburo.


      • Who would you suggest from the present ranks of murky brown* no-hopers?

        “Can’t put new wine in old bottles” comes to mind.

        * The colour you get when red and blue are mixed.


  • Spot on again Red.
    Luxon is terrified of the media, and Willis should be in Labour. And Seymour seems to despise conservatives. I am sure many Kiwis would flock to National if Luxon was proud to be a man of “God, family and nation”.
    Muller is so soppy. I have had some polite exchanges with him over climate change and …O boy just hopeless.


  • I couldn’t agree more.


  • The news is being greeted similarly, all over the world.

    Those who appreciate family values, national sovereignty and personal responsibility are cheering.

    Those – the it’s-always-someone-else’s-fault regressives who’ve appropriated the word ‘progressive’ – are howling in dismay and hurling insults and lies.

    Even allowing for Italians being passionate and demonstrative speakers, that speech damn near brought tears to my eyes. Including tears of envy that we have nothing like that remotely possible in NZ.

    Loved the irony of “I was busy doing the ironing! Then I found 10 minutes to come and talk about politics . . .”


    • Ms Melonis sure gets her message across. Such a marked difference between her and Luxon. When he speaks he’s so timid it is embarrassing. Yet he is apparently the person the Nats collectively think is fit to lead their party. Something that reflects as badly on them as Luxon himself.

      Even if it is a strategy (the small target approach) it is gutless and cowardly. And IMHO the excuse that they do not want to put any policy out as it will alert Labour or maybe Labour will even steal it doesn’t wash either.

      If they believe in their policies, and such policies are sound and rational, they should have no problem in defending them. Secondly, if these policies can be stolen by Labour than they’re clearly not good enough, or driven by an ideology too similar to Labour, and therefore the Nats should not be coming up with them.

      Damn anti-family pro-climate change progressives need to be kicked out of the party. They’re the reason it is so confused about what it stands for. They’re the reason Luxon is leader. And they’re the reason the Nats are nothing but enablers, and will not in their present form save this country from an impending Venezuelan or Rhodesian style collapse even if they do win the election.


      • It seems that the gNats couldn’t read a map that was put in front of them.

        What’s the push-back tally, now?

        Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Maybe the gNats should consider that?


      • National lost the last election when they ditched simon bridge.
        National lost the 2023 election when they didnt reimpose simon as leader and chose bald jacinda instead.
        Simon bridge wasnt the best person in nz to lead national but out of every current mp he was the only real fighter and not a weak spineless fool like luxon.

        Labour will win next year, the only way they wont is if jacinda steps down and the maori caucus decide nania should be leader. Jacinda or grant robertson as leader then theyll smash the nats next election, labour minion voters are more easily motivated to vote vs annoyed centre right that have to swallow a turd to vote luxon.

        I also predict act will go close to 20% and nats will finish mid to high 20s. 2026 act will overtake the new labour party that call themselve the national party


  • Was good to see Red am going to research her, you are right emervwant politicians to say what they mean and then stand their ground win or lose

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  • Be careful, she is a student of the WEF. She will roll over to the EU despite all her noise.


  • Dr. Charles Baycroft

    Nz voters need to stop voting for their favorite colours (red, green and blue) and admit that the political celebrities chosen by the elites in these 3 political parties are causing rather than solving problems.
    Voting for the people chosen by the elite minority to represent and serve them does not benefit the rest of us at all.
    The people in our government are our Employees. They are not doing a proper job and ought to be replaced.
    There are people from the smaller parties that rejected the elite minority that rules the main ones.
    They would be better as our employees because they would appreciate the jobs and also listen to the people.
    Red, green and blue
    You don’t know what to do
    We’ve had enough of you
    We will hire someone new.
    Join the voters revolution.
    We have nothing to lose and much to gain.


  • I’ve never believed the 50/50 left/right split of elections across to West. Too convenient. The GAE fingers are all over it. The BS American election revealed how elections are manipulated, worldwide.

    Sooner or later the real right will explode back into power, like Meloni, and the first thing we need to do is clip the Globalists wings and move our nations to their natural state, pre-mutant takeover. Emphasise the transcendentals- truth, beauty & the good. Use state power to sweep out the degenerates. Prioritising God, Family, and Nation would be a great start. Whatever makes lefties and the fake-right seethe, do that!


  • At the end of the day the Nats Acting supported jacinda every step of the way. They ALL lied about the protesters in Wellington calling it rivers of filth. This was a blatant lie by all. Anyone thinking the Nats and Act are for anybody else but the UN agenda 21 and all the rest of the woke crap is blind and ignorant