Monthly Archives: October 2022

A Multi-Million Dollar National Mystery

Substantial mystery surrounds events in the National party over recent years. The first of these events occurred back in 2006 when the relatively unknown John Key rocketed into the party leadership. National subsequently began a long term love affair with multi-culturalism that saw a massive increase in immigration, with a large number of those immigrants arriving from Communist China. An

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Sinister govt committee working to chill free speech

The govt has quietly released previously secret and heavily redacted documents relating to meetings of Jacinda Ardern’s Social Wellbeing Committee a year ago. So why the hell would the workings of a committee aimed at “social wellbeing” need to be hidden from the public? Maybe because the name is meant to disguise the true intent of the committee. Reading the

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Fake media enabled by fake opposition

Its not news, but it has to be said again. The NZ media is a nest of green Marxist propagandists who have betrayed the mission of the fourth estate. They work to confound and cripple our democracy instead of enhancing it. Critics have this week correctly pointed out an exceptional example of betrayal in media’s refusal to report on the

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