Sinister govt committee working to chill free speech

The govt has quietly released previously secret and heavily redacted documents relating to meetings of Jacinda Ardern’s Social Wellbeing Committee a year ago. So why the hell would the workings of a committee aimed at “social wellbeing” need to be hidden from the public? Maybe because the name is meant to disguise the true intent of the committee.

Reading the names of the committee members is enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Leaving aside the usual collection of faceless bureaucrats, the MPs who sit on it are:

Jacinda Ardern, Grant Robertson, Kelvin Davis, Megan Woods, Chris Hipkins, Carmel Sepuloni (chair), Andrew Little, Peeni Henare, Jan Tinetti, Ayesha Verrall, Aupito William Sio, and Meka Waitiri

Is your radar beeping yet? It should start going crazy when you learn that what this committee is really doing is putting together a new regulatory framework around media and social media content in New Zealand. Quote-

A broad, harm minimisation-focused review of New Zealand’s media content regulatory system will contribute to the Government’s priority of supporting a socially cohesive New Zealand, in which all people feel safe, have equal access to opportunities and have their human rights protected, including the rights to freedom from discrimination and freedom of expression.

The documents can be summarised as the outline for a terrifying Orwellian attack on our freedom to express opinions and/or engage in discussion on line. The idea is to replace the current mix of legislation with one broad all encompassing act designed to give priority to “keeping people safe”, the same old excuse the govt has been using for five years to try to stifle criticism of its authoritarian and dictatorial style.

If this proposed legislation, (no doubt a precursor of her recent ghastly and tyrannical UN speech), ever makes it through parliament, the govt’s Stasi style approach we are already deeply disturbed by in New Zealand is going to get far worse.

The law will be heavily influenced by legislation already in place (or also proposed) in other countries, such as the UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Canada and the USA. Anyone who has noticed recent stepped up Gestapo like activities by police in those countries knows what this will mean for New Zealand. Its no wonder therefore that the document is so heavily redacted.

The legislation will be based on the following international legislation-

  • The German Network Enforcement Act (enacted)
  • The United Kingdom’s (UK) Online Safety Bill (proposed)
  • The Irish Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill (proposed)
  • Australia – Online Safety Bill
  • Canada – Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review
  • France – Fighting Hate on the Internet Bill

“Hate speech” and “serious harm” are phrases that feature frequently in the discussions. Other considerations are the Christchurch Mosque attack, “allegations of foreign election interference, COVID-19 misinformation, the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol and violations of data privacy”.

The documents are heavily redacted

Note the deliberate conflation here. Even if the entirely fake concept of hate speech (and the other matters) are accepted, it has nothing to do with “violations of data privacy”. The broader concerns are being conflated with data breaches so the latter can give unearned legitimacy to the former.

However, if you’re seeking to have your your doubts on the legislation’s true intent further validated, then read the attached pdfs, for what is addressed in this article is only the tip of the iceberg. The documents are drenched in insipid and fatuous Ardern style left wing opinion presented as unchallengeable fact.

They cloak a despicable dangerous and sinister attack on our freedoms under fake kindness and concern for our “wellbeing”. But you already knew that would be the case.

Even a brief analysis of the documents could run to over a thousand words of criticism on human rights grounds, so to serve brevity, it is best if (as suggested) you just read the documentation for yourself. Better still, download it and take it to your local MP and tell them of your concerns. Distribute it among any pressure groups you may know or be part of.

Its highly likely the legacy fake media already know of what is planned and have decided not to publicise any concerns. They support anything that helps them in their battle against truth. So once again its up to us and our social media outlets to get the message out.

Remember! If this legislation makes it through parliament, as it may well do while Ardern holds so many seats and the opposition is so weak, it will be the end of all that. So we need to get the word out there while we still can.

(Note that the documentation frequently refers to input from Kris Faafoi. Of course he has recently quit and been replaced by Willie Jackson. Hardly any kind of comfort.)

Social Wellbeing Committee Minutes

Internal Affairs Briefing


  • It seems to be the same, almost everywhere. The anti socio-commie (leftists) changes in Sweden, Italy, Florida, Virginia, etc., look good but are they enough?

    Owning Science and Internet Censorship
    The Spectator Australia
    15 October 2022

    ‘We own The Science and we think that the world should know it.’
    Those were the [chilling] words of the UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming last month, speaking on a panel on disinformation at a World Economic Forum conference. Fleming was boasting about how the UN had partnered with Google to change the search results for topics like Covid and climate change.

    We are certainly getting to know about how the elites are putting their fists on the scales to shape and manipulate public debate and opinion, because they are increasingly open about what they’re up to.

    Big Tech companies are not at all hesitant about being openly biased in how they operate as publishers of online content.

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  • This huckery bitch gets more detestable by the second. How much more of this Stalinist crap are we expected to endure?
    What a committee . . . weirdos, liars, crim huggers, they have them all. Where the hell is our opposition? We are paying for this monetarily and socially and they are doing nothing.
    If it is too hot for you Mr Luxon, best go and talk te lingo with the enemy, and stay there.


    • Luxon’s head is as devoid of real parliamentary opposition ideas as it is of hair.

      Look how he cosied up to comrade commissar Cindy et al over the socio-commie-driven policy of nullifying councils* and the concrete junglification of NZ suburbia.

      * Not that many have much to be proud of.

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    • Easy to imagine this collection of Soviet style nomenklatura thugs sitting around the table fretting over some woman in her pajamas writing something on Facebook that upsets some transphobe nutter, while Michael Hill Jewellers on the Nth Shore is shutting down because the law is so shot in this country the store cannot be protected from ram raiders.

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  • Is it enough? Add another one . . .

    An interesting dissertation from one Tulsi Gabbard on the state of the Democrap Party in USA. The parallels with the NZ Labour / Greens socio-commies is readily apparent.

    28 minute Utube video link:

    The Lux Flake crowd (other side of the comrade commissar Cindy coin) will not change anything, leaving ACT as the least bad of a thoroughly rotten lot.

    Is the end of the world (we know) nigh?

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  • The order has gone out to the low level functionaries. Ask Kanye who is driving the hate speech agenda.


  • Hello dear RedBaiter, always great to receive your interesting blogs. Special thanks for the latest blog which does make chilling reading, and further indicts how insidious and devious this Cindy Bitch government is.

    It would be great to have your writings published in local newspapers so the less savvy folk were made aware of how evil and sinister this democratically elected government can be. Isn’t it ironic that a democratically elected government who used free speech would then turn and destroy both.

    Please keep up the good work, true NEW ZEALAND needs you.

    Kind regards
    Raleigh Wells
    NEW ZEALAND ((((NOT bloody Aotearoa))))


    • Raleigh- thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Deeply appreciated. It would be great if in the interests of democracy we could get a variety of political opinions into the mainstream media but unfortunately that organisation is pretty much controlled by people who think much the same as Jacinda and her acolytes (and the WEF. )

      We are unfortunately fighting a rearguard battle today. Most of the critical beachheads in the fight are already held by the left (examples- media education, bureaucracy,) and we can therefore only do what we can to alert a slumbering population to what sinister plotting sociopaths control our once great little country. Grateful for your assistance in this mission.


  • Ardernistan becomes more Orwellian by the day. No matter, the coming fiscal collapse will pretty much negate anything this bunch of incompetents try and do.
    Imagine having a society that is so fragile that merely reading something online that either doesn’t align with your beliefs, makes you think/question things or simply provides an alternative view requires violence from the state to quash the expression of those views.