Jacinda Ardern’s Police State

New Zealand today is a Stasi like police state where citizens who oppose the views of the liberal progressive govt of Jacinda Ardern are intimidated, marginalised and silenced by the combined forces of the Police, the Media and Academia.

Last week, “unapproved” journalist Avi Yemini was barred from entering NZ. Mr Yemini works for Rebel News, a citizens funded Canadian based global news service.

Ardern’s hand picked Police Commissioner Andrew Coster allowed communist group ANTIFA to hang their flag on the Wellington Cenotaph, a memorial to the NZ soldiers who died in World Wars One and Two

NZ Police, the NZ Herald and academics all collaborated to ban Mr Yemini. They collectively alleged Mr Yemini had been convicted of “assault” of his wife. Ardern’s cheerleaders on Twitter called him a “wife beater”. Newshub lined up an academic to support these allegations, and her statement, made on their nightly news program, is in the video below. The allegations are in fact untrue.

Mr Yemini was not convicted of “assault”, but of the much lesser charge of “unlawful assault”. This is in fact the lowest rating of all assault charges and is usually applied when the assault is unintentional. Avi threw a chopping block at a wall in anger. It bounced off the wall and struck his wife a glancing blow to the head. Causing a bruise that did not require medical attention. In fact his wife did not file charges relating to the incident until three years later.

They also claimed Mr Yemini had described himself as a “Jewish Nazi”. This too is false. Mr Yemini once remarked sarcastically on the irony of Antifa protesters calling him a Nazi when he was Jewish. (he’s actually served in the Israeli army) This off the cuff remark was converted into an out of context confession of Nazism by the govt’s lying media/ academic shills.

The persecution and barring of Avi Yemini was a deliberate and blatant deception. A web of lies woven by Police, media and academia all working in unison to satisfy the political objectives of the Ardern govt.

Even worse “unlawful assault” and the penalty (a $3000 fine) does not meet the legal threshold for barring entry. The offense needs to be serious enough to cause a one year jail sentence.

The Police had arbitrarily decided they did not want Mr Yemini in the country long before, and (as revealed by the BFD) had written to Interpol asking if they had anything on him. They did not. Immigration was persuaded to ban him anyway, and on a false pretext.

A similar example to the Avi Yemini injustice is the taking down of citizen journalist Chantelle Baker’s Facebook page. The legacy media produced a govt funded pseudo-documentary aimed at discrediting Chantelle, and soon after, her page, where she had close to 100,000 followers, disappeared from view.

Facebook was probably prompted to take this action by one of the govt’s many police state entities monitoring our social media use. Most likely the communist Kate Hannah’s odious “Disinformation Project”. Stuff’s collaborative pseudo documentary was produced to ease the way for this event.

Then we have the arrest of the couple who run the Counterspin News service. Another independently (non govt) funded internet based news service. Their broadcasting equipment was confiscated. Laws adapted from the censor’s office were used as a reason for the arrest.

A few decades ago, the left told religious groups who protested at what they saw as blasphemy on TV to change the channel. Apparently this change the channel rule no longer applies. No one is forced to watch Counterspin Media, and there has not been one person named by the authorities as a victim of their surmised “crimes”.

So what is all that if its not an out of control Police State?

Dr Mona Crewell of Victoria University appeared on Newshub and attacked both Chantelle Baker and Avi Yemini. Apparently the irony of a German national attacking an Israeli escaped Newshub.

The incredible circumstance that enables all of this to happen (with only limited public outrage) is the sheep like belief that govt should be the arbiter of what is dis/misinformation. That such a ridiculous proposition is wholeheartedly endorsed by the country’s legacy media, of all people, shows how far down the police state river we have drifted. Especially over the last five years.

There is another important factor at play, and that is the connivance of the so called opposition parties, most notably the National Party. Their silence on the govt’s authoritarian campaign against “mis/disinformation” disqualifies them from ever being considered a serious alternative to the present Ardern regime.

They’re so useless they may as well all fold their tents and go back to what they were doing before they entered politics. To do and say nothing while NZ as a democracy collapses into a junior version of East Germany makes them all cowards, and their leader Christopher Luxon, well he looks the most cowardly of them all.


  • What the spineless Luxton and David fail to understand is that Adern and her puppet enemedia will lower the bar even further over time. They may stand by and mock Avi and Chantelle now but mark my words they will be next.
    My mum and dad grew up in Holland during ww2, it was a death sentence to listen t the BBC. Now we live in a similar place, not drinking the coolad from government run enemedia and they will destroy your reputation.

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    • Hans- Anyone with any knowledge of the history of the left already knows the dangers we are facing. The problem is that history has been deliberately cleansed from the education system, and many today have never even heard of totalitarians like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao. That includes most of the imbeciles working in NZ’s legacy media and who have the gall to describe themselves as journalists.

      There is no one really to wake the public up to where deceivers like Ardern are taking them. Especially with the Nats and ACT full of similar lefties.(if they were not lefties, they would be making much more noise about what is going on in this country)

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  • You’ve absolutely nailed it again Red. New Zealand’s future is looking bleaker with each day that we suffer under Ardern’s UN/WEF puppet regime. National and ACT are obviously complicate and are also dancing to the same pipers. It can’t possibly end well. The fuse is dangerously close to igniting some serious social pushback. The good people of this country (and they are still the majority) have had enough. Let’s pray that it doesn’t descend into street justice …. although that’s what most of the maggots in the Beehive deserve.

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  • Im sure mr freedom seymour will proudly stand up for their freedom of speech… yeah right

    If this scum government gets another term i expect a full on police state will emerge and be used against everyday kiwis and not just those more prominent voices.
    The goon squad will be knocking on many doors to arrest and silence those who dont comply with the narrative and not to mention thought crimes and “hate speech”.

    How long until VFF gets smashed by cindys goon squad? Ill be suprised if they get to new years without being targeted, the media is flat out laying the groundwork now for a police takedown in the very near future.

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    • To be fair, give the man a chance.
      He was going pretty hard on the odious Trevor Mallard the other day with his posting to Ireland.
      I won’t expect anything from Luxons minions however.


      • Hes had many chances to prove himself over the past 2 years and failed miserably.
        Hes gone from “the party of freedom” to “the party of freedoms i only approve of”.

        Hes a politician and is just like every other politician… a career liar


  • Red you are always on point……this is definitely how a police state operates…..ask anyone that has lived through such tyranny and I am sure they see the same signs:
    1. Believe ONLY us, the government will tell you everything you need to know
    2. remove freedom of speech – cancel anyone that disagrees with the above
    3. Information sensoring
    4. Stazi type agencies set up to enforce the narrative/propaganda
    5. Keep the masses downtrodden with fear to keep control
    The list goes on…..The most disheartening part is that National/ACT are no where to be seen – Luxon is still in his bubble of ‘corporate feel good’, he can’t seem to understand who his enemies really are….

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  • As many would have predicted, the arrest of the Counterspin people has evolved into a classic example of the Streisand effect. Even worse for Ardern and her contemptible legacy media fan club, the public are seeing the true face of the forces who support her and her pet police commissioner in this action/ arrest. (The crazy alliance of Antifa and Islam)

    A vile cowardly foul mouthed collection of freaks and no-hopers who have the gall to claim they represent love and unity when it is so clear from their actions and self contradictory words that they stand for hate and division.

    As for National and ACT, still nothing but the silence of cowards. Its not as if they need to come out in support of whatever ideas Counterspin may express. Luxon and his crew are completely useless left wing imposters. They are never going to fight for our free speech birthright.

    However David Seymour professes to be a Libertarian. Personally, I don’t see that as a plus, however if he does indeed subscribe to that ideology, the least he could say is ” Look, I do not agree at all with what Counterspin Media say, but in a civilized society, we have to protect their right to say it. Otherwise we step onto the slippery slope of totalitarianism”.

    Personally I believe we are already there, and that is because Nats and ACT have enabled Labour in taking us there by their failure to fight the culture war and speak out on issues like this. As their cowardly silence right now examples.