Luxon’s weak capitulation on Uffindell shows he is no leader

BFD Poll 13/08/22

With Jacinda Ardern leading the (arguably) worst govt in NZ’s history, polling shows that voters still lack the expected enthusiasm for a National alternative. Christopher Luxon’s recent weak surrender to the corrupt legacy media and their Labour party comrades over the Sam Uffindell allegations will no doubt add to this unease.

Details of Uffindell’s misbehavior as a teenager (20 years ago) were released by a recognised left wing journalist activist, who had probably known about it for some time. This suggests the public release of the information was strategically timed to benefit the Labour party. Probably to dampen the Nat’s criticism of Labour due to current “bullying” problems with their MP Dr Sharma.

Of course Nat party toadies are busy on social media writing effuse praise for Luxon’s “handling” of the issue. Trying to convince us he did the “sensible” thing by establishing an enquiry. But how does the enquiry matter?

The only question really is whether Uffindell should remain as an MP, and that is a question Luxon would have already answered if he’d only had the guts and know-how to confront the corrupt cowards of the consistently pro-Ardern legacy media.

Uffindell with family

Luxon should have said straight up, with conviction and courage, that Uffindell’s misdeeds were well in his past. He should have stated that the pre-selection committee had known of the events but had disregarded them because the candidate was clearly a man who had changed since his teenage years and developed into a sober and responsible adult.

Luxon should also have forcibly made the salient point that if every MP was to be held to the same standard as Mr Uffindell, there would be few if any who passed that test unscathed. He could also have remarked on the hypocrisy of the Labour party who have promoted members demonstrating a propensity for violence and amorality not in their youth but in late adulthood. In fact one of their worst offenders is now speaker of the house.

Instead of defending Uffindell with these simple and rational arguments, Luxon (as usual) capitulated immediately to the media/ Labour narrative that painted Uffindell as only one step removed from an uncovered Auschwitz concentration camp guard. Showing Luxon’s political nous is not much better than that of his tragically incompetent (penultimate) forerunner Todd Muller.

Key and Willis boasted they had converted National into a “progressive” party

The bigger problem here is that National’s issues run far deeper than its effete leader. Whisperings that Nicola Willis may take over the leadership only emphasize this point. Willis was a key influencer and speech writer for John Key, and under her guidance Key took the party deep into the mire of “progressivism”, something that both he and Willis were too politically immature to recognise as a euphemism for neo-communism.

Willis’s actions as an MP show she is as politically lost as Muller and Luxon, and that she championed both as leaders makes it clear her political judgment is deeply flawed. In fact it can be said that Willis’s constant undermining of Simon Bridges and her eventual success in pushing Muller into the leadership is the primary reason NZ is in such a parlous state today.

That she was rewarded for this subversion with the deputy leadership is a disgrace. To further this mistake by making her leader would render the Nats even more impotent than they are today. If such a thing is possible.

The core issue is that none of National’s current leading clique (Luxon, Willis, Chris Bishop and Erica Stanford) recognise the importance of the culture war. They have stated publicly that they have no wish to fight it. (When Stanford was asked about the Greens moving Churchill’s parliamentary portrait she said she couldn’t care.) So they will not fight for such staples of civilisation as free speech, one man one vote, and worst of all, they have enabled the left in replacing political pluralism with the uniparty.

The solution? Because ACT can’t be fully trusted either, NZ’s salvation lies with individuals or groups who are not in the political mainstream right now, but milling around on the fringes. MMP is their path to power, but the difficult 5% threshold means they can’t win as separate entities. They have to coalesce into one measurable anti-Labour anti-progressive political force.

This amalgamated party needs to take enough votes off National and ACT to force them into a coalition, with the terms of this alliance guaranteeing the newer party meaningful influence in the decision making process.

If this far more representative tri-party outcome does not occur within (at the latest) the next two election cycles, NZ’s fate of becoming a Zimbawe/ Venezuela style banana republic will most likely be sealed. Change will then only come through economic and social devastation. Sad indeed, but if the uniparty swinging door election cycle of Labour Greens/ Nats Act continues, its the odds on outcome.


  • We’re in an echo chamber, Red. A condition you’ve lamented in the past. We all know that there are many problems with the current Labour, National, ACT, NZ First, Greens offering. We need a solution. Desperately!

    It would be great if we stopped using labels which no one really understands. Especially with the gNats and commie-Labs both claiming to be “progressive.” All the while regressing NZ into an Apartheid state. And worse.

    The degree of continuing damage that will be inflicted on NZ by any Labour, National, NZ First, or Greens government coalition arrangement could be even worse than you posit. Any, “change . . . . through economic and social devastation,” could wreak havoc on NZ’s social and economic order.

    Perhaps ACT’s only claim is that it’s the least bad of a totally incompetent and nondescript lot?

    You pose, “unless the myriad of liberty-focused small parties on offer can coalesce into one measurable anti-Labour anti-progressive political force.”

    An idea was mooted over at the BFD, here:
    Would that, could that work?

    If it would, who would bang their heads together to get them to collaborate?


    • Sorry friend, your comment got caught in the spam filter for some reason. The solution to forming a working coalition is to put all minor issues aside and agree on say three major policy planks that resonate with that part of the population that is underserved by current choices. I suggest (for discussion) the following three issues-

      1. No other party is offering a choice on climate change issues, so there is a major gap there in our democracy. It also involves farmers, who are being betrayed left right and center at the moment. The new party needs to oppose the plainly idiotic zero carbon targets and carbon trading too. Then they need to close a deal guaranteeing financial support and donations from the otherwise maligned and betrayed farming sector. (This is the most critical step of all. Without bags of money its all futile, and if they go strong enough on this, they’ll get it from the farming sector.)

      2. Co-governance or to call it by its real name, Apartheid. No other party is taking a firm stand, so once again we are denied a choice. The forcing of so called Maori language and the changing of New Zealand’s name is irritating the hell out of a lot of people. Its a good issue to bring broad electoral support.

      3. Govt over-reach/ free speech is a good generalised issue and can be addressed by policies such as term limits and reducing the number of MPs (heavily supported in a govt referendum that was not acted on) and cutting back on the number of govt depts monitoring us and limiting out freedoms. This dovetails into any number of other issues such as the tyrannical Covid19 response etc, but at the same time, it is important to keep the message clear and not muddle it with too many minor issues.

      Reply is too long already, but you get my drift. This is how I think it could be done. The key is to offer voters CLEAR AND DISTINCT choices where the current parties deny or muddle that choice, and to focus on the hurt to the farming communities and the many idiocies of climate change/ zero carbon policies of all current parties. Forget trying to appeal to the inner city liberals. The major parties already have them, and they’re too brainwashed to reach out to anyway. There are enough votes outside this sector to get you above 5% if you offer the right choices.


  • National has a problem that seems to be in it’s DNA. They are the party of cowards and no ideas and RINO’s through and through.
    Go back to the last few days and weeks of the Muldoon government, they should have devalued the dollar to stop the nation going bankrupt. They didn’t give a toss and we were hemorrhaging millions of dollars and again the middle class and poor NZ tax payer had to foot the bill.
    Then the failure of the National government to make any substantive gains will in government for three terms under John Key. We could have cut red tape, chopped the health safety rubbish to bits and made it more workable. Got the government’s foot of small business and farmers throat and made international trade deals that benefit the NZ taxpayer rather than overseas corporate thieves.
    With the Election of Trump this made National look even worse, in the short time he was in he made significant improvements to the US economy all the while he was harangued and every turn by the left and deep state.
    National were in for 9 years, you stop and think about what they achieved in that time.
    It takes guts and determination to make changes, you have to be willing to make mistakes, correct these mistakes and try again. Stand up to criticism take it on the chin and move on. National are incapable of doing that because they lack back bone, courage and are bereft of any new ideas.
    I’m shocked to read people write about National, don’t right them off just yet they are better than Labour, any party except the Greens and CCP would be better than Labour. I hear talk of National getting tough on crime and social welfare, big deal this is a minimum i expect from any government. This is not special when we lock up violent offenders and requires a pat on the back, get a life.
    I really fear for my country when i hear people thinking National will steady the ship and get us on course.
    Look back to when English was so inept that Winston had to form a government with Adern, it was National that has let us slip into this socialists hell. Don’t blame Winston because while he was in government with Adern we never got the nutty policies we have now, he was the hand break, second time round the hand brake was left of and this is what we have.
    And Now we have the useless spineless National party folding in the sight of any pressure by the left, i would not be surprised to see them lose another election while faced with the most incompetent government in New Zealand’s short history.


  • Yet again, Red, you’ve nailed it. Thanks for helping to wake people up. It’s a very sad world out there and people still don’t understand what’s going on.



  • The bottom line here is very simple. Luxon threw Uffindell and all of the Tauranga pre-selection committee under the bus in a vain and silly attempt to gain the approval of the corrupt band of left wing thugs who pose as NZ’s media/ parliamentary press corp.

    Luxon also deserves a kick for being too stoopid to recognise the timed reveal of the information as a coordinated hit by the Labour party and its media comrades.

    As I say in the article- he should have stood by Uffindell and stood by the Tauranga selection committee. He didn’t. He threw them under the bus because he’s a gutless little compromiser who sees dancing to the tune of the corrupt legacy media (and the stoopid people who are influenced by them) as his major plank to power

    Finally, I’m not convinced that Luxon did not know of Uffindell’s youthful transgressions. It just seems too convenient to me. An easy way out for a lily livered sham leader.


  • Red, you read the situation perfectly……we sit in our lounge and utter similar thoughts… in gods name are we going to navigate through this almighty mess, when the Leader of the opposition is so focused on trying to win the medias hearts, thinking his squeaky cleanness is an all important criteria for being Prime Minister…..
    We don’t care about what happened to someone 20yrs ago otherwise almost everyone walking would still be doing penance for something…..MOVE ON Luxon…..
    Wake up Luxon, the media are playing you for the fool you are….the issues facing us are
    co-governance, cost of living, inflation, housing, education, health – the list is endless – but you insist on answering the medias same question 12 times about Sam Uffindell…..I despair for the future of this country…..

    Thanks for people like you Red, you keep us from going insane….


  • Chrome Dome 2.0 will disintegrate before the next election IMO. He can’t handle something like this over something that happened 20+ years ago, when the Labour party appoints actual bullies who have assaulted people on parliamentary grounds as speaker. The mind boggles.