Monthly Archives: August 2022

Jacinda Ardern’s Police State

New Zealand today is a Stasi like police state where citizens who oppose the views of the liberal progressive govt of Jacinda Ardern are intimidated, marginalised and silenced by the combined forces of the Police, the Media and Academia. Last week, “unapproved” journalist Avi Yemini was barred from entering NZ. Mr Yemini works for Rebel News, a citizens funded Canadian

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Luxon’s weak capitulation on Uffindell shows he is no leader

With Jacinda Ardern leading the (arguably) worst govt in NZ’s history, polling shows that voters still lack the expected enthusiasm for a National alternative. Christopher Luxon’s recent weak surrender to the corrupt legacy media and their Labour party comrades over the Sam Uffindell allegations will no doubt add to this unease. Details of Uffindell’s misbehavior as a teenager (20 years

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