A political prosecution

With apologies to Max Ehrmann, who wrote the original text in Desiderata in 1927, “whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the communist plan for New Zealand is unfolding as it should”. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the failure of law and order and the political perversion of the police, two things that are identified in all socialist plans as essential to the establishment of their one party state.

NZ Police don’t give a damn if your car is stolen, or your store is broken into, or even if you’ve been beaten up and robbed. If you want to own private property, then you need to make your own arrangements to protect it. If you can’t then too bad. Get the message?

However if you hold an “unapproved” protest, or speak out on “unapproved” issues, they’ll come after you. The message is equally as strong. Don’t think or speak in ways we don’t like you to.

Tauranga man charged with inciting racial disharmony appears in court

The influencing starts right at the top. In this case the PM’s office, and filters down through Ministers and Ministry subordinates to the Police on the beat.

You can’t condemn the entire police force. Some know what is going on and disapprove. Some know what is going on and approve. Others are gape jawed useful idiots who don’t have a clue either way. As Stalin said, “communism must be built with unknowing hands”.

A recent stark indicator of this shift in attitudes to crime is the push for “hate speech” laws. A typically Soviet style attempt to constrain speech and thought. Its a concept based on fuzzy logic and feelings and of course lies, and all of these artifices are of course enthusiastically foisted upon the citizens via a compliant media.

So when some chap in Tauranga who is not fully in charge of his mental faculties makes a crazy Youtube video, the police, who won’t attend burglaries or robberies or assaults, turn up on his doorstep with a search warrant. They take his computer and other such stuff and he is banned from using the internet as a condition of bail.

Surprisingly, the Police had the good sense to understand that the guy was suffering mental health problems. They didn’t want to arrest him as they did not perceive the offender as any kind of real threat, and instead recommended psychological treatment. So what happened to change their mind?

They were forced into the arrest by politicians. The two members of the Maori Party made an official complaint via the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) citing what they perceived as a lack of action. Subsequent to this complaint, the alleged offender was charged with ” inciting racial disharmony” a rarely prosecuted offence under the Human Rights Act. He was also charged with “knowingly making an objectionable publication”. ( A law enforced by the state censor) He pleaded guilty to both charges.

In the crazy inverted world of “progressive” New Zealand, the whole irony and impropriety of this event goes unremarked upon in the state owned media. No one cares that a mentally ill person was scapegoated to provide propaganda for a corrupt state.

No one cares that a laughably bogus law underpinned by subjective qualifications like “objectionable” and originally legislated as part of the Censor’s office for use against media corporations was instead used against a single citizen who needed help rather than persecution.

No one remarked on the incredible irony that the two people who have arguably done the most of anyone to incite racial disharmony in NZ had pressed the Police into the prosecution.

So our country slips deeper into the communist slime, and in spite of such an outrageous example of injustice as described above, no one in authority and no one in the mainstream political parties will say one damn thing about it.

Inciting racial disharmony? You decide.

And as usual, the mainstream media, the most corrupt and lying organisation of all, who make everyday a surfeit of “objectionable publications” and likewise take every opportunity available to “incite racial disharmony” are cheering the arrest and the kangaroo court proceedings on. Not only sickening but contemptible.

Its no wonder comments like the following can be found all over NZ’s internet message boards. People know that no one in our mainstream political parties gives a damn about the decline of our country. They fool us that they do, but it all just keeps on happening. Because in the main, they are wittingly or unwittingly, the chief architects of this decline. We keep voting for them when we should, as a commenter on the BFD wrote below, just get the hell out.

“NZ is in steep decline as it becomes the banana republic of Aotearoa. These apartheid issues are the reason we chose to sell up and leave NZ permanently. As the rest of NZ wakes up from the Covid nightmare and becomes aware of the racist state being constructed around them, along with the financial ruin bestowed on them by the most wretched and incompetent Government NZ has ever seen expect the flood gates to open for a mass exodus. I still don’t consider that I left NZ, Ardern stole it from me, and her damage cannot be undone.”
Shame really, because in the end, that’s exactly what they want us to do. No intelligence or rational thinking wanted. We only need to know history to understand how that ultimately ends.


  • Interesting that in the late 1920′ and early 1930′ Germany had strict speech laws, it was quite easy to be jailed for antisemitic remarks. See how well that ended for the germans, the socialist nazi party turned the country into a living hell and they still reap the curse the nazi party foisted on them.

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  • How two people can hold the country to ransom with their full on racism and people buckle without question, is beyond me…..
    Totally agree that many people will choose to leave NZ as the decline continues……


    • Now that the socialists have been successful in prosecuting a man with a mental disability they have moved on to Matt King and Winston Peter’s among others. Notice the deadly silence from Luxton and David.
      If you needed any more proof these fake right or center right parties are for us or against us look no further.
      Anyone that thinks a few soothing weasel words before the next election makes either National or Act worth your vote think again. They are the enemy of freedom of thought and liberty, like the enemedia.