The real Christopher Luxon

If Jimmy Shaw suddenly became leader of National there would be an outcry from the party’s supporters. The man in the street supporter that is. The hard core of the party, the same people who have let it drift steadily left for forty years, would probably be flat out on Kiwiblog and other social media telling you to still vote for National.

They would justify this hysterical demand with the mantra that National are a “better” or less left choice than Labour. So you simply have to vote National if you want to save New Zealand from socialist hell.

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The logic behind this mantra is badly flawed. Each time National is elected, NZ still moves left only at a slightly slower pace. So we fall deeper into the socialist mire each election no matter how we vote.

Its a roundabout to destruction, and now after two terms of hopelessly incompetent govt by Labour, its National’s turn again.

Bill Hayden was Australian Labor’s opposition leader in 1983 when he was replaced by Bob Hawke. At the time, Mr Hayden made the memorable observation that due to incumbent Liberal PM Malcolm Fraser’s unpopularity, “a drover’s dog could win the next election”.

Which is how it is shaping up in New Zealand. Labour’s current bunch of incompetent ideologues under Young Socialist International and WEF protégé Jacinda Ardern have done almost irreparable damage to the country’s social fabric and its economy. They’re probably the worst govt New Zealanders have ever elected, and the regret amongst voters is palpable.

So now you have read the preamble, here is the news. Christopher Luxon, the man you will be most likely be voting for in the expectation he may halt or slow our slide into socialism is pretty much Jimmy Shaw. Of course he has been trying hard to keep this low key in his public utterances, but if you take some time to look at his background, it becomes quite plain he’s a man of the green left. (Watch the video and see why!)

This video is available on Youtube and Rumble. Feel free to distribute.

Luxon’s ascent to the leadership in November last year signaled success at last for National’s “Blue Green” revolutionaries. They had previously failed spectacularly when the bumbling and incoherent Todd Muller replaced Simon Bridges. A mistake that ensured the 2020 election would be won by Ardern with a record number of votes for the Labour party.

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Current Deputy leader Nicola Willis played a key role in the disastrous Muller play. She should have been fired then, but instead stayed on and repeated the same role in the Luxon coup, enthusiastically assisted by Chris Bishop.

With Luxon as leader. Willis as deputy and Bishop as Leader of the House, Sid Holland’s National party is now under the total control of the green left, a faction that has nothing but contempt for the individual rights and small govt platform the party was formed in 1936 to promote.

Based on Bill Hayden’s “drover’s dog” prediction, National will win the 2023 election and Chris Luxon will be PM. New Zealand will continue to slide left, this time at a rate far exceeding that of most other National govts, mainly due to Luxon’s inexplicable devotion to the myth of climate change.

Like all of National’s blue green faction, Luxon is apparently quite blind to the plain fact that the climate change “emergency” is a strategy that has been seized on by the left because it gives them the power over labour and capital they have always yearned for but would otherwise have little chance of achieving.

So vote for National and you will get their version of Jimmy Shaw as PM. A man whose ability to think rationally and logically about NZ’s future is hopelessly restricted by his mistaken belief that we are facing a climate “emergency”.

Could you vote for anyone who drives slow in the fast lane? (click to enlarge)

Is there a solution to this dilemma? Ideally, before the next election, there would be a counter-revolution within National aimed at returning it to its mission of protecting individual rights and limiting the power of the state. God knows such a force has never been more needed. However this is unlikely.

The only remaining option is to try and get the party to see sense by going to its public meetings and telling them loudly and insistently where they are going wrong. Making them commit to promises to get your vote, and then making sure they keep those promises.

If the green left imposter Christopher Luxon is left to do as he pleases, National’s great founding principles and all they mean will be gone with the wind. Perhaps for ever. It can’t happen, and we shouldn’t let it.

Sometimes though the only way to learn is the hard way, and maybe today in New Zealand, that is the only real solution. It would mean bad times, but it is looking increasingly like the most likely long term outcome. Just too bad for our kids and grandkids. History will not be kind to Mr Luxon and his ilk.


  • There is no choice. All we have is:

    Labour Extreme (G)
    Labour Racist (M)
    Labour (L)
    Labour Lite (N)
    Labour Less (A)

    I can’t decide which spots in the last two should be taken by ACT and the gNats. They seem almost interchangeable.

    So many I speak with say they see there being no real choice. Just a matter of voting for the least bad of a totally terrible, corrupted, craven and rotten lot. Perhaps ACT’s a nose ahead?

    But Seymour ‘signed on’ with conrade[sic] commissar Cindy and the lux flake in condemning the parliament grounds protesters, so showing his true colours.

    NZ is indeed ‘buggered.’


  • yes, we are indeed, in for a rough ride, batten down and prepare – a new tyrant to replace the current one…….


    • Luxon’s supplication to the message of climate alarmists throws considerable doubt on his ability to think clearly and rationally, and therefore be an effective PM.

      The environmental policies he encouraged at Unilever and Air NZ were all based around logical fallacies and most of the solutions he proposed (like electric cars and biofuels) would make little (if any) difference to global CO2 emissions. Even if it really mattered.

      The money he spent on these issues only increased the price of the end product. To the detriment of consumers and air travelers wanting cheap products and cheap air tickets.

      He’s going to do the same when in govt. Spend money on this scam and bill the taxpayers for it when they’re already struggling to deal with so many other rising costs.


  • Garrick sums it well, in so many ways.


  • NEW ZEALAND does not need to fear climate change, only from its enemies from within. For example Tribal Rule!


  • I will never ever vote for the lesser of two evils. In many way Luxton is worse the Adern. He’s a bigger fake than her and in many ways he’s a traitor and a con man. So I would never vote for a person that’s so disingenuous. National has had this long standing problem of cowards in the party. Look at how the handled Mudoon when he was out of control and destroying the dollar, not one person stood up, oh sorry one women did out of all the MP’s ONE. I have never forgotten this.
    What also should worry us is so many new centre right parties all thinking they will hit 5%. A thinking person would for the good of the nation try to get them all in one room and fight the left united as one party, making the most of votes, money and boots on the ground to spread the word.
    To be honest I think it would be better if Adern got another term to kick some sense into National