Monthly Archives: April 2022

A political prosecution

With apologies to Max Ehrmann, who wrote the original text in Desiderata in 1927, “whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the communist plan for New Zealand is unfolding as it should”. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the failure of law and order and the political perversion of the police, two things that are identified

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The real Christopher Luxon

If Jimmy Shaw suddenly became leader of National there would be an outcry from the party’s supporters. The man in the street supporter that is. The hard core of the party, the same people who have let it drift steadily left for forty years, would probably be flat out on Kiwiblog and other social media telling you to still vote

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The burden of bad ideas becomes unbearable

If you’re a believer in reason, you would no doubt be left speechless by the torrent of nonsense that is the accepted public discourse today. The term “speechless” is chosen specifically here. What does one say that can have any impact upon the overwhelming onslaught of Alice in Wonderland style absurdity that is currently being produced by govt and its

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