Ardern should resign over NSS abuse of power

We all laughed at Ardern’s opening shot in the propaganda war to discredit the freedom protests. She claimed they were “imported”.

Its true in a way. New Zealand is joining the rest of the world, in tearing down the wall of lies that “progressive” governments across the globe have built around truth. That wall is about to crumble just as the Berlin wall crumbled in 1989.

Anyone hankering after the real truth on this issue can’t do better than to watch Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue from yesterday. It was aimed at Pierre Trudeau, the tyrannical closet communist who rules Canada, and it was one of Tucker’s best openers ever.

However the real takeaway is that almost everything Tucker said about Trudeau could easily apply to Jacinda Ardern.

Tucker’s critique of Trudeau’s tyranny in Canada, which he claims is enabled and supported by a corrupt mainstream media squarely on the side of entrenched power. Sound familiar?

What? But Ardern hasn’t imposed Martial Law. That’s true, but she is planning to. It is the reason she has called a meeting of the “The National Security System” for today.

The National Security System is coordinated by the National Security Group in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and it was set up after the March 19th Christchurch shootings to deal with potential terrorist events.

Using it against NZ citizens protesting peacefully is a serious breach of its legislated purpose.

However such a breach doesn’t worry Ardern. In her mind, just as in every progressives’ mind, she is always right and she is always beyond reproach and she is always on the “right side of history”.

Video of the hacker who exposed the names of all those citizens who donated to the Truckers GiveSendGo support fund to the media. See who and what we’re up against?

What we are seeing here in Ardern’s abusive use of the NSS is the end game in a plot reaching right across the western world. A plot that has as its purpose the demonisation of freedom. That’s why Arderns insipid claim that the protests were imported is so hypocritical.

The truth is that Ardern is the one with the “imported ideas”. Imported from the WEF in Geneva Switzerland.

She and her comrades, like Trudeau in Canada and Macron in France, all proteges of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, have created a global movement designed to destroy political pluralism, institute one party states in their respective countries, and destroy national sovereignty.

Ardern’s problem is that citizens in all three countries are waking up to this plan.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand is today seriously frightened by the protesters she initially described as “fringe elements”. It has suddenly dawned on her that a large sector of the population is tired of the lies and propaganda, and they’re not going to take it any more!

Trudeau is abusing laws designed to combat terrorism to suppress the protests in Canada and Ardern is about to do the same here in NZ. That she should stoop so low, and engage in something so unethical shows her desperation. She knows her fortress, built on a foundation of lies and propaganda, is under siege and in danger of collapsing.

This is why we must all support the protests in Wellington and other parts of the country, and help them every way we can in their battle to throw off the yoke of Ardern’s tyranny. It is not only a battle for the soul of the free west, it is a battle for our own souls, each and every one of us.

Ardern says the protests are “illegal”. Her use of the NSS, an anti-terrorist bureaucracy, against New Zealanders demonstrating for freedom may not be strictly illegal (or though it could be) but it is definitely unethical improper and cowardly.

This insipid vacuous imposter, because of the power she wields, is a bigger threat to the country’s well being than even the most outrageous protester in Wellington, and for her stark abuse of power in using the NSS against a non-terrorist threat, she should resign.

Fat chance of that though. With media and even the so called opposition parties firmly on her side, it will be some time before we see any accountability. Don’t worry though. It will come.

That’s really what the protests are about, and why Ardern and her cowardly media allies fear them so much.


  • At the time the National Security System was rushed through, in tandem with outlawing certain weapons from law-abiding citizens (but not, it seems, gangs), it was clear to many thinking New Zealanders that this was always going to be used against the citizens of this once-beautiful and -cherished country of ours. I have always questioned the legitimacy of the mosque incident (Aderns popularity was plummeting, the offender was miraculously caught soon after his murderous spree, no one has ever been allowed to talk to him since his conviction; all rather odd).
    When the Trudeau drip made the Emergency call a few days ago, I thought… we go! Never in our history has it been more important to stand firm against these evil thugs in control.


    • But will – can – it happen?

      The so-called public services need to ‘come out in support,’ so comrade commissar Cindy and her commie pals have nowhere to hide.

      That includes the Lux flake and Aggregation of Congenitally Terminal clowns. Seemour is as yellow as the ACT livery. Being pro-mandate, pro fizzer GMO, pro-Cindy and anti-democracy, it’s likely he only met with the protesters in cases there may’ve been a few votes in it.


  • The sad thing is that unlike canada new zealand has no opposition to stop her envoking these powers, if anything nude nut luxon will be slamming cindy for not doing it sooner.

    Threats, sprinklers, more threats, annoying music, yet more threats… they have nothing at all and now they claim if protesters pack up and go home theyll open a dialogue with them. Hahaha that is a great tui billboard! Yeah right.

    These protesters need to stick it out and not give an inch untill demands are met NO EXCEPTIONS and no half measures. I believe the wellington crowd has what it takes to end this crap just as long as jacinda dosent go the whole hog go full tyrant.(if she does that tho the mask fully comes off for every NZer to see)


    • And for all the adoring myopic fans elsewhere in the world.

      I wonder if comrade commissar Clarke will ever disown Cindy-the-socio-commie?


  • “Ardern’s problem is that citizens in all three countries are waking up to this plan.”

    Thanks Red.
    Many have been ‘awake’ for along time and many more are indeed waking up to this incurable despot.

    “This vaccination programme will never end”. – Jacinda Ardern


  • Jesus that guy seems like he’s spent too long on the internet, a complete psychopath.
    Looks like he’s lost grip of reality a long time ago and been watching too many movies. Unless he can upload himself to the internet I would say someone will find him in the real world, lets hope it is law enforcement before a member of the public takes matters into their own hands.


  • Brilliant from Tucker Carlson. Makes our media look babies.


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